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Warriors No More Lockout Links: Larry Riley and Mark Jackson Day

It's another sign that the NBA lockout is coming to an end: I have stuff to post! Today, Larry Riley and Mark Jackson talked to the media about the roster and playing defense. As you listen to Mark Jackson talk, what do you think about his ability to coach? Do you think he's just a talker, a preacher, a rah-rah kind of coach? Or do you think he'll be able to figure out the nuances and chess-like strategies of the game and get the players to see it too?


Damon Andrews interviews Mark Jackson on the 49ers practice facility.

Larry Riley and Mark Jackson addresses the media.

Chronicle Live: Jim Kozimor and Matt Steinmetz interview Larry Riley.


21:40 min Mark Jackson with Ralph and Tom on KNBR, Thu 12/01/2011

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