Free Agency Frenzy, or, That Time When Bad Teams Get Worse

Yeah, I get it: a bunch of centers are on the market, we need some "beef," we have room under the cap and the option to dump a past mistake with the amnesty provision. So, let's write a blank check, hang it 7 feet in the air at Oracle, and the next guy who actually wants to play here and can grab it with his teeth can fill in the blanks and empty the coffers. Right?

There is a thin line between being bold and being foolish, and short-sighted, and impatient.

I don't know how much DeAndre Jordan is worth, but I'm pretty sure $10 mil a year for four years is too much. Even if it's fair, though: is that really a bold move? Is it one that shows foresight and vision? Or is it an act of desperation, a team throwing money at a problem because it has money, has admitted the problem publicly, and is now more afraid of failing to act than it is of failing to make a wise decision?

Fans, and probably owners, and definitely GMs, start to hyperventilate when they offer a mint to a guy and he chooses to take the mint that someone else offered him. Panic sets in. You start looking around for alternatives. And you start justifying your future actions with statements like, "well everyone else is overpaying," and "we can't come away with nothing," and "I'm just tired of watching these other schmucks."

And that is when bad teams get worse. When they make moves to make moves, because they feel like they have to. The Warriors are kings in this sick game: the Jamison contract, the Jackson extension, the Maggette signing — god, that seems like just the tip of the iceberg. No, free agency is a dangerous arena for losers to step into. If you're a big market/in-demand destination, then sure, you'll probably do well (though $58M/4 for Chandler seems potentially crippling to me). And if you're some other team, that has tried-and-true good management and that oh yeah is also winning a ton of games, then you'll probably score some wins in free agency as well. Otherwise, you're probably buying high, selling low, and perpetually sucking.

I don't know if DeAndre Jordan is a long-term solution for this team — but my not knowing isn't what bothers me. What bothers me is that I don't think Lacob and Reilly know, or — scarier still — that they know he's NOT the right solution, but that they may pull the trigger anyway, for lack of anything better to shoot at.

I'm just ready for some goddamn vision.

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