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Golden State of Mind Rumor Central (Part 3): Warriors Sign Kwame Brown to 1yr $7M Deal


Kwame Brown agrees to 1 yr, $7 mill deal with Golden State, source says.

Chris Broussard via Twitter

It's day 4 of the free agency period. I woke up this morning to the following tweet from Chris Broussard:

League officials' efforts to re-engage Clippers in Chris Paul talks not going well, source says. As far as team is concerned, "It's over."!/kbergcbs/status/146356414732976128

Are you freaking kidding me? Dwight, come to Golden State! We'll even take back Captain Jack for you! I swear. What will it take? I'll throw in a case of Captain Morgan, if you want. Srsly. We'll get you and Ellis mopeds to ride on together like Ponch and John in CHiPS. Just tell us what you want, and we'll make it so like Jean Luc Picard (well, actually we'll tell others to do it like Picard told others to make it so, but like, that's besides the point.)

I have an idea. If Plan A (Chandler) and Plan B (Paul) and Plan C (DJ) and Plan D (Dwight) all fall through, maybe we should move on to a different plan.



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