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Golden State Of Mind To Cover Warriors TweediaDay (Media Day) This Afternoon

Today at 2:30PM PST I'll have the fortunate opportunity to attend the Golden State Warriors' second incarnation of TweediaDay, which is a fancy way of saying "Media Day with a heavy dose of Twitter". Click here for last year's coverage.

Via this thread or more preferrably on Twitter (our handle is @unstoppablebaby), please let us know what questions you would like me to ask players, or really whatever. Choose your own adventure!

Warriors PR guy Dan Martinez will have GSOM man their social media station at some point during TweediaDay. My guess is, it will be around 330p. At that time, you can reach us on this thread or more directly via Twitter, where GSOM's handle is @unstoppablebaby.

Here's what Martinez emailed me:

Here is general premise we are going with: For TweediaDay this year, we are bringing the fans to Media Day via Social Media. We are connecting players with fans in real time during annual Media Day event that in the past has only been accessible by media.

Feel free to solicit questions from fans or topics, etc. We are using #TweediaDay as the hashtag and, if possible we’d like you to use “@warriors #TweediaDay" and “#TweediaDay” equally so that our account gets some traffic as well.

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