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Golden State of Mind Rumor Central (Part IV): Golden State Warriors Sign Dominic McGuire, Jeff Adrien Signs 2-yr Deal with Houston; Chris Paul Traded to LAC!!!

Is this a great picture or what?

Warriors sign small forward Dominic McGuire. Played in Charlotte last year.

Matt Steinmetz via Twitter. Story here.

Older News:

So we're like a farm system for Daryl Morey apparently.

Houston Rockets sign forward Jeff Adrien to 2year deal, source tells Y! Sports.

via @SpearsNBAYahoo

According to ESPN Marc Stein:

ESPN sources: Clippers and NBA-owned Hornets have agreed to Chris Paul deal in principle. Gordon, Kaman, Aminu and Minnesota pick to Hornets

via @ESPNSteinLine

The New Jersey Nets have entered into serious talks with the Orlando Magic on a multiteam trade scenario that would that bring Dwight Howard to the Nets, according to sources close to the process.

Sources told that the most active proposal discussed by the teams would send Portland Trail Blazers swingman Gerald Wallace to the Magic along with Nets center Brook Lopez as two of the main pieces Orlando would receive in exchange for Howard.

Other players would have to be added to the deal to make the salary-cap math work, but sources said Portland would receive multiple first-round picks as part of the exchange for surrendering Wallace and facilitating the trade.

via ESPN

Here's my question. Look at the bolded part. Portland would end up with multiple first-round picks for sending Wallace and making all the salary cap math work out. What if the Warriors could get in on that by sending a package? In all likelihood, once Orlando loses Dwight, those picks are going to look quite nice, especially this season. Just a thought...

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