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PRESEASON RECAP #1: Golden State Warriors 107, Sacramento Kings 97- NBA basketball is BACK!!


The Warriors soon to be backup center has a Funleavy Foto moment.

Sure it's a meaningless preseason game, but man am I happy that the NBA and Warriors basketball are back. JUMP for a few quick thoughts!

Warriors Game Notes

  • First things first. Andris Biedrins did not look good out there tonight. He wasn't aggressive overall, didn't show any indication that he worked on his offensive skills, and racked up 5 fouls in about 16 minutes of play. But I guess it's Don Nelson's fault right? It's just silly that the Warriors did not use their Get Out of Jail card on him with the amnesty the past week.
  • On the completely opposite end of the spectrum it was good to see Ekpe Udoh out there tonight. He had a few nice moves around the bucket and brought his usual solid defense. If he can pick up his rebounding (unlikely unfortunately), there's no reason why he shouldn't be getting more minutes than Biedrins. Udoh also looks a lot stronger, especially his upper frame. Working on your game in the offseason- what a concept! Biedrins- take notes.
  • Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry just flowed so well together tonight. I know the preseason doesn't exactly bring out the defensive intensity in NBA players, but Ellis and Curry looked fantastic on offense together.
  • Klay Thompson didn't have the best shooting night, but he looked like he belonged out there. He didn't have the deer in headlights look that many rookies have. His J looks smooth. Thanks to the Warriors free agency and trade strike-outs this offseason, Thompson is likely going to get big minutes off the bench, so this is a good sign.

Kings Game Notes

  • Jimmer Freddette looks like he can score in this league. Who knows if it's just a fluke, but 21 points on 11 shots ain't bad at all.
  • Marcus Thornton could be a big fantasy hoops sleeper this season.
  • DeMarcus Cousins didn't play tonight, but if he's in as good of shape as Bob and Jim mentioned tonight- watch out. The only thing holding Cousins back now is a little too much mental craziness. Cousins is skilled and athletic.
  • Tyreke Evans looked out of control way too often (5 turnovers). He puts up numbers and I know he's a solid player, but for some reason I just don't enjoy watching him play. Maybe I'm just still bitter.


Come on! It's the preseason. This award is too prestigious for the preseason. Check back on opening night.

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