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Recap #4: Golden State Warriors 79 vs. Philadelphia 76ers 107 - Ugh... Ugh... Ugly

It's a new year, and a time for new beginnings. Does anyone really want to spend time talking about this stinker of a game? I say we look ahead, and put a positive spin on a less than positive night for the Warriors. Hit us up with a Warriors related new year's wish, and a new year's resolution in the comments section.

If you feel like you really, really must revisit this game feel free to hit the jump for some ug-ug-ugly game notes.


  • Warriors shoot 38.2% from the field.


  • Warriors shoot 23.5% from three.


  • Warriors shoot 58.3% from the line, and only get there 12 times.

Now pop a bottle of something bubbly, and let's put this loss behind us. Happy New Year to all you good folks that make the GSoM community something special. Let's make 2012 UNSTOPPABLE BABY!!

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