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Recap #52: Golden State Warriors 88, Phoenix Suns 112- Driving us bonkers!


These are the kind of games that drive you BONKERS!

Final Boxscore | Preview/ GameThread (700+ comments) | Game Day Links

Jump for a few bonker bullets of this unwatchable game.

Bonker Bullets

  • 3 of the Warriors 5 starters scored under double digits. And no, Keith Smart didn't start Andris Biedrins, Dan Gadzuric, and Louis Amundson.
  • Biedrins, Ellis, and Dorell Wright combined to score a grand total of 13 points. That's about half of what Monta averages himself. Let's put it this way- the Warriors CAN NOT win a game when that happens.
  • Stephen Curry's up and down season continued. His team worst -26 was alarming, but his 2 assists to 4 turnovers scare me the most. I still contend that Coach Smart doesn't know how to use Curry. If Coach Don Nelson was here Curry's game would've continued his amazing progression from 2nd half of last year. Firing Nellie was a silly move and it cost the Warriors a potential playoff spot this year.
  • How bad was this game? Brandan Wright, Jeremy Lin, and Charlie Bell all got more than 16 minutes of playing time. In other good news it looks like Bell found a DD for his nightly activities. (Sorry I hate to be annoying about this, but I have zero tolerance for drunk driving.)
  • Brandan Wright can do two things pretty well. Score at a high efficiency and collect some swats, mostly of the weakside variety. He got some PT in this game and didn't disappoint in those areas. There's the catch though. He's still a horrible and weak defender and still looks like he's not paying attention. 2 rebounds in 24 minutes from a "big man" is a joke. Hmmm, it sure would have been nice to have to Jason Richardson to push the Warriors over the edge in 07-08 and... and... well, I won't go there.
  • David Lee and Biedrins didn't show up on the glass tonight. This is the type of the game they should dominate on the glass as a tandem, but they didn't at all (Warriors 32, Suns 47). If the Warriors can outrebound this Suns team these guys aren't earning their paychecks.
  • Props to Reggie Williams for getting 10 trips to the charity stripe.


If there's one real positive I'm taking away from this game it's Ekpe Udoh's performance. Udoh scored (8 for 12 for 16 points) and he rebounded decently (7 boards in 30 minutes). I especially liked his dribble drive (through the legs too!) from the elbow and pretty finish. A silky smooth surprise. I had no idea he could even do that. Let's hope there's more of that to come. This team needs that in the worst way possible.

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