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Game Thread #54: Golden State Warriors vs New Orleans Hornets - Hungover, or Ready to Keep this Party Going?



Lately the Warriors have been falling victim to the big game hangover. Hair of the dog? Yes please.

(If I had Tony's mad skills I would have changed it to "Some guys just can't handle winning" and stuck some Warriors heads on there. Definitely Curry as the baby. Of course since I can't, I'm stuck telling you all what I would have done, which is probably worse than having to explain a joke after you tell it. Sorry folks)

New Orleans Hornets (30-23) at Golden State Warriors (24-29)
TV: CSN Bay Area | Radio: KNBR 680
Blog Buddy: At The Hive
Tipoff: 7:30pm

The last few games have been a bit of a roller coaster. We've seen a three game winning streak ending with a very solid win over the Bulls, followed by a big let down loss to the Suns. Next it was a quality win over the Nuggets, followed by a big let down loss to the Suns (sound familiar?). Well Sunday night we saw another quality win, this time against the Thunder. Ready for the good news? We aren't playing the Suns! Personally, I've seen enough of the hungover, lackluster Warriors for a while. Tonight's game against the Hornets will be a tough test, but a great opportunity to build some momentum against another winning team. Let's at least hope they come out ready to compete, and looking like the pretty-darn-good Warriors we've been seeing now and then, and not those sluggish impostors that keep sneaking onto the court.

Wish List:

  • I'd love to see Curry build on his impressive 13 assist 0 turnover performance from Sunday.
  • Seems like Andris (Mr. Inconsistency) is due for one of his big games. That would come in handy.
  • Double digit rebounds from Udoh. Yeah, I said WISH list...
  • Some quality contributions from the bench. Outside of the occasional hot shooting from Reggie, there really hasn't been much to see from the bench. Somebody step up and surprise me.
  • Lots of long mid-range jumpers from David West. I'll take that over him catching CP3 lobs and stuffing them down.

Injury Talk:

  • Am I the only one who really misses Amundson? I mean sure, he's pretty much a non-factor on offense, and he fouls too much, but his rebounding and active defense was so nice to have coming off the bench. I think he was a pretty good signing to round out the big man rotation, but thanks to nagging injuries he's only appeared in 23 of 53 games. I don't even think he's been able to get in real game shape this year. Ugh...
  • Now that I griped about an injured Dub, it's only fair that we acknowledge that we are dodging a bullet with Okafor out tonight. He's a big, tough defender and rebounder, and the Warriors don't generally handle those types that well. Not to mention that's one less big target for those CP3 lobs. Our penetrating guards should be relieved to see Aaron Gray instead of Emeka.

Enjoy the game!!

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