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FREE Upper Level tix to Hornets-Warriors tonight!!!

Hey folks, my organization Dream League got 50 tickets donated to it just about an hour or two ago, to tonight's game at the Roaracle.

Normally I don't push this out to GoldenStateOfMind community because we are usually able to distribute out to our consituents (and we normally get 25, not 50) -- and, you know, you guys are like piranha!!!

NOTE: These are upper level tickets. Because this will go quick (I think). Maximum 6 at a time, please. Unless you have a group and can legitimize the group -- e.g., "me, my girlfriend, and the 10 kids we tutor".

You would need to ultimately email me your name, then later pickup the tickets at Will Call (we'll figure out how to do this in the comments). You'd need to stay in your seats until at least mid-2nd quarter.

So... have at it in the comments! I'll monitor closely.

AND PLEASE DO NOT SAY YOU CAN GO AND THEN BACKOUT. I hate that. Figure it out first, then respond.

By the way I also need someone to pick these up at Warriors headquarters before 530pm, so let me know if anyone can volunteer for that job.

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