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Recap #57: Atlanta Hawks 95, Golden State Warriors 79 - Dubs got issues


A fun night! (For Hawks fans.)

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All I can promise you is that what lies after the jump is only half as interesting an my man PMC's recap and analysis extravaganza of Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob's recent fan interview. Read it and then JUMP!

The Warriors were flat out dominated at home by a Hawks team that had lost their previous 3 straight. Why? Pretty much the same old issues haunting this team:

Issue: Too many turnovers from the backcourt

Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry can be fun to watch. They can score a ton with plenty of highlights along the way, but as we've heard ad naseum they can't defend the big 2's (and even elite point guards). But there's another major issue if they're handling the rock for your squad. They turn the ball over way too much for the pairing to be viable in the long term. (Note: I'm not advocating breaking them up for the sake of breaking them at this point, just saying they aren't untouchable.) The apple turnover made 9 appearances from Ellis and Curry. The dime only made 10 appearances from the pair. Not going to cut it. Credit the Hawks lankiness and hustle as well.


I hope you like this pastry.

Issue: Poor rebounding

What happened this season? I'm not a fan of Andris Biedrins' unfundamental and ugly game, but he's always been a very strong rebounder. At the beginning of the season I thought Biedrins and David Lee would win the battle of the boards on most nights (see GSoM's 2010-2011 Golden State Warriors Preview: A new beginning, but is it smart?). That hasn't happened. Biedrins' 2 boards in 16 minutes ain't going to cut it. Ekpe Udoh's 2 rebounds in 23 minutes ain't going to cut it. Dorell Wright's 0 rebounds in 33 minutes ain't going to cut it either.


Did Troy Murphy bring some of this from New Jersey?

Issue: No reliable low post scorer

When the Warriors big time scorers, Elis, Curry, and Wright have off nights (11 for 35 combined) the Warriors are in an impossible situation. There's no one on this roster they can dump it down into the post for high percentage, easy buckets. No one. It really does hurt when your $63 million dollar center shows ZERO commitment to working on his low post game, doesn't it?

Quote of the Night

"It’s a little frustrating to me because I wish that we played like this all the time."

- Al Horford

Al- Correction: You will wish played the Warriors all the time. Love your game by the way. I fully support you if you ever want to demand a trade to the Warriors.

Issue: The Warriors can play some HORRENDOUS defense.


David Lee's night wasn't the greatest, but it was arguably the best Warrior performance tonight. 20-10 nights need to come more consistently from Lee. He can do it.

The Warriors need to get better. They can do it.

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