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Game Thread #59: Golden State Warriors @ Indiana Pacers - Getting Back on Track?

I couldn't resist. Dunleavy pictures never get old.
Unfortunately, the Warrior within won't feel better soon.

Warriors (26-32) vs Pacers (26-32)

Tip-Off: 4:00pm | CSN Bay Area | KTCT 1050

SB Nation: Indy Cornrows

Warriors fans will always have a special place in their heart for the Indiana Pacers for being so nice and taking Mike Dunleavy Jr and Troy Murphy off our hands for Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington. We got two guys the Pacers didn't want and they helped lead us to the promised land. They got two guys we didn't want, and they helped lead the Pacers nowhere.

After Sunday's disaster in Minnesota, the Warriors better get their act together or else this road trip is going to get ugly fast.

Players to Watch

  • Danny Granger of course. He loves playing the Warriors. Well everybody loves playing the Warriors because you get wide open shots and tons of trips to the line. Expect Granger to drop 30+
  • Roy Hibbert is tall, 7'2", and outweighs both Andris and Ekpe, his opposing centers, by at least 30 pounds. He's going to grab a lot of rebounds.
  • Tyler Hansbrough is good to watch if you just want to see someone whose motor doesn't stop, period. There's no off switch.
  • Darren Collison is turning into a decent point guard. How will he mathcup with Curry?

It's funny, these two teams have identical records, but the Pacers are in the 8th spot in the East, while the Warriors will need a miracle to make the playoffs. The Eastern Conference is better than the Western Conference? Maybe the top 4 or 5 teams, but as a whole, the bottom half of the East reeks as bad as the Warriors do.


  • Warriors by 5. I say bounce back game.
  • 100 comments saying David Lee sucks and is the softest 4 in the league
  • 25 people complaining Monta takes too many shots and that Curry should shoot more.
  • Those same 25 people complaining that Curry doesn't pass the ball enough and his assists are low.
  • Granger drops 30+
  • Hibbert with 12+ boards

Get serious guys!


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