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Recap #64: Golden State Warriors 90 @ New Jersey Nets 94 - No Silver Linings Allowed

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I'm sorry guys, I've been looking everywhere but I just can't seem to find my rose colored glasses tonight. I mean, I guess it's not that big of a deal if I lost them. I've been meaning to pick up a new pair anyway, since mine were kinda worn out from watching the last decade or so of Warriors basketball. But I've got to say, looking at this team without them is... um, unflattering. Maybe I need to start working on some beer-goggles. Jump to embrace the negativity!

Then and Now: How things can change in 64 games


Joe Lacob

I'm sure I wasn't alone in wanting to believe that this was the man that would lead us out of the dark ages. Cohan had come to feel like a tyrant who was suppressing the potential greatness of a franchise with the very best fans in all of professional sport, and Lacob was our liberator, rolling in with $450 million dollars worth of artillery to erase the memory of all the years wasted in basketball purgatory. When he pointed to the rafters at the Oracle and plainly stated that his mission was to bring a new championship banner to the Bay, I was ready and willing to be inspired. I couldn't wait to see how he would transform the franchise.

I'm still waiting. Yes, that part is understandable, because after all, it's only been a few months. I understand that the timing of the sale was awkward, and didn't leave much room to cast a vision for the future or find a new team in the front office to get us there. I don't mind waiting a season for him to bring in a well respected basketball mind to reshape this team, and a new coach to make those pieces work on the court like a well oiled machine. So what's the problem? Well, I really don't know if he has any intention of doing that. He has never been shy about letting us all know that he would be very involved in the decision making process, but does he in fact intend to play GM here long term? Hearing him talk, I can't help but be concerned. Sure he might know a lot about basketball for a guy who doesn't have to run a basketball team, but is he really qualified to make these decisions? Oh, yeah, then there's this:

At the conference, according to a recording obtained by The Chronicle, someone asked a muffled question about bloggers.

Lacob answered, "They are not real fans, because they don't have season tickets."

After a follow-up question, Lacob said, "Unlike every real fan, they don't have season tickets."

You know, as a writer here at GSoM I share a couple season tickets with the rest of the crew, so I guess I shouldn't be all that offended, because I'm at least 1/14th "real fan". But wait, I've been able to attend more games then some of the other guys, so maybe I'm more like 1/5th "real fan" or maybe you just need to go once a year to make sure your keeping it real card doesn't expire. This is confusing... Good thing Lacob cleared things up.

Here's his exact explanation:

"My point was that it is especially difficult to receive negative, expletive-ridden e-mails and blogger comments from so-called fans or self-proclaimed long-time season-ticket holders. I do not find it to be a constructive conversation if someone makes a point with viscous profanity. In some cases, because I care about our image with fans and patrons, I have researched whether the comments were coming from a patron or not. Obviously, it's not good either way but especially bad for us if one of our season-ticket holders feels that way. Though claiming they were ticket patrons, we usually find that it is not the case. So, I conclude that such 'fans' or 'season-ticket holders' are not, in either case, REAL FANS.

I want to assure all of our fans that we value them as fans regardless of whether they attend a game in person. Particularly, I and we embrace the online community[...]

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Oh, okay, so we are all cool then. As long as we don't send negative, expletive-ridden emails or lie about being season ticket holders then we are real fans. That totally makes more sense than what he actually said the first time. I'm absolutely sure that's what he meant. It's not like he would be dismissive of us bloggers and internet folk or anything. Thanks for clearing that up Joe.

I don't want to be too critical, or hurt Mr. Lacob's feelings or anything, but am I the only one that is starting to wish that he would give Cohan's Cone of Silence™ a try until he actually does something to improve this team?


Keith Smart

I always liked this guy. There is just something about him. He's been here for a long time as an assistant coach, and I've never heard anything but good things about Keith Smart from the players, or people who've had the opportunity to meet him. Here's a little story that GSoMer lilboots shared back in September:

I once went to the Warriors HQ downtown, to sit in for a job interview. I was told by the clerk to have a seat and wait about 10 minutes. I could hear the Warriors practicing behind the big twin doors that led into the facility. It was around this time when Keith Smart came strolled into the room and greeted everybody in the office by name. He looked at me without recognition, and extended his hand, grinning. "How you doin young fella? I'm Keith Smart." I shook his hand and said, "I know who you are!". He asked me if I was waiting for an interview and then asked me if I was nervous. I said I was. He told me I had nothing to worry about and to just stay calm and be myself. He gave me a quick pat and a wink and said, "I'm sure I'll be seeing you around young man, catch you later". Then he said goodbye to everybody again as he walked out.

I mean, come on! How cool is this guy? Coming into this season there was nothing to dislike about Keith Smart, but then maybe he said it best himself during the press conference when he was officially named head coach before the season started.

My first and foremost job that I've had to do, my job was to help carry out the vision of the head coach. All the head coaches I've worked for. Not my vision, but the visions of the head coach[...]

Well now you get a chance to understand who I am as a coach.

Well after a 64 game introduction to Keith Smart the head coach, I have to say I still don't understand who he is as a head coach, but I do think I've seen enough. Honestly, I don't want to beat a dead horse, especially when the horse was so likable, so I'll just leave it at that. I really wish the guy well, and there is nothing wrong with having a career as a very good assistant coach, but I'm ready to move on as soon as possible. The only question for me is whether Lacob will hire someone else, or just walk across the court from his front row seats and just coach the team himself? I'm only joking around (I hope).


David Lee

I had some concerns with the contract, but I was quite excited to bring in the offensively talented rebounding machine from the east this offseason. The thought of having a frontcourt that would be capable of rebounding at an above average level was so refreshing. It was like an oasis in the distance after a long journey through the rebounding desert of Nellie small-ball. This guy was going to be the scoring and rebounding threat that we'd always hoped for at the power forward spot. And surely, his defense couldn't be as bad as everyone said it was.

Or could it? Yeah, it could. And you know what else? His scoring volume and efficiency are way down. His rebounding is down. He has just not been as good as advertised. Okay, okay, the guy was attacked by zombies in New York, and barely made it out alive, but if he doesn't bring his recent improved play home with him from the east coast then I might just start to buy into the Troy Murphy comparisons that are getting tossed around here lately.


Andris Biedrins

Back on opening night I was ready to witness the redemption of Andris Biedrins. I even carried around the sig line

Golden State Warriors '10-'11 Season: The Return of ^^^^

for a while. For those of you who don't know ^^^^ is Andris (or more specifically, his hair). I was ready to put last years injury plagued season behind me and support a now healthy and resurgent AB.

And instead I got a total headcase.

Thanks for attending the pity party... There will be no goodie bag.

Hey look, I'm generally good at focusing on the bright side, or at least presenting both sides of an argument. I'm just not there right now though. I've been thinking a lot about how this blog, and the internet community have been taking a lot of heat for being overly negative. The word "hater" has been used quite a bit. Here's the thing, Warriors fans aren't naturally negative. If you take a look back to 2007 you'll see that we celebrated that short lived playoff run like it was an NBA finals win. The moral of the story is that we would rather celebrate than hate. So give us something to celebrate!!


Do I have to? It's no coincidence that I didn't discuss this game at all in my recap. Oh, I watched it. I even took notes, but there really wasn't anything worth talking about. I guess I'll give it to David Lee for showing us some signs of the player he was last year. Meh.