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Recap #70 - Golden State Warriors 73, Dallas Mavericks 101 - Just don't care anymore


Is he even trying anymore?

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If we're trying to tank and get a higher draft pick, losing by 29 points is probably the best way to do it. In fact, Coach Smart might be the best at doing so...remember the 2002-2003 Cleveland Cavaliers? Guess who they got...that's right, the one and the only LeBron James.

Maybe we can get LeBron James #2?

Who knows man...all I know is I wasted my perfectly good Sunday evening to watching some cruddy game instead of studying for my Histology Quiz on Tuesday. Just like they gave me a half-donkey effort, I'm going to give THEM a half-donkey effort with this recap.


This about explains it...

Ok so I gotta admit...I tuned out of the game about half way through the first quarter. It was clearly a wise choice...but here's what I got (and subsequently all that really matters when it comes to recapping this)

  • Peja Stojakovic (remember that guy?) was on fire, 5-8 from 3 point land, just like the good ol' days
  • Tyson Chandler destroyed us on the glass
  • We seem to have had an off-night shooting, so off I don't remember many going in
  • It's cool that Coach Smart is trying to get Louis Admundson in the game rotation by creating plays for the guy, but don't you kinda wish he did more of that with Curry?
  • I'm a fan of Ekpe Udoh and his defensive intensity but...1 rebound? Isn't he supposed to be a big man? How come Curry can get 6?
  • That being said...his 3 blocks were MONSTER
  • I don't want to see Acie Law or Vladimir Radmanovic play another game as Warriors
  • Is Coach Smart trying to lose his job...or is this for real?
Sigh..on to the Spurs game tonight!

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