Time for warriors to focus on draft and offseason

The warriors biggest need is a center, there is no question that if we had an interior threat next to david lee they would be a much improved team. The only problem is there is no center in the draft and we can't afford to offer big money to nene/gasol(this all due to the new owners not trading A.B for expirings, he is nothing but a d league center). So here is my plan... In the draft we get a pg possibly jimmer or kemba but I think b. Knight would be the right choice because he is a solid defender and has alot of athleticism and size, he is truly 6"4( an upgrade from curry defensively and he will add much needed size to the front court). Once we draft a pg we would be able to trade curry for a center or forward. Curry would have great value in the trade market and it would be possible to get great players for him. All of the following scenarios will be with B. Knight at point and steph curry traded for another player. The trades with curry will also involve A.B. This will allow the warrior to have around 9-10 million to use in free agency.

1st Scenario:

The warriors trade steph curry and bedriens for Josh Smith. This trade would work for the Hawks for sure because of their need for a pg and this trade would give the warriors much better defense and would make the warriors much bigger. After the trade offer deandre jordan a large contract and he would give the dubs great shot blocking ability and interior defense.

The starting 5 would be pg-knight sg-ellis sf-smith pf-lee c-jordan

2nd Scenario:

The warriors trade curry and A.B for Andrew Bynum. I know it would be a huge risk but bynum can be the best center in the league( with the exception dwight). Bynum is a great rebounder and shot blocker, he is very young and is a huge body. After the trade bring in a defensive minded player like battier to play the sf. Every winning team posses atleast one lockdown defender in their starting lineup and the warriors will need one if they want to succeed. Battier can also knockdown open shots so he can be a solid offensive player.

The starting 5 would be pg-knight sg-ellis sf-battier pf-lee c-bynum

3rd Scenaio:

The warriors trade curry and A.B for Danny Granger. Granger is an all star forward and is underated on both the defensive end and offensive end. Granger has the ability to take his defender off the dribble and finish at the rim. Teaming granger and ellis would make an unstoppable scoring duo. After the trade the warriors would sign deandre jordan.

The starting 5 would be pg-knight sg-ellis sf-granger pf-lee c-jordan

4th scenario:

The warriors would trade curry and A.B for Andrew Bogut. Andrew bogut is the best post defender behind dwight. Bogut is huge at 7"2 and around 260lbs. A giant body is the one thing the warriors need badly. If the warriors signed Battier they would have a great defensive team and monta could still score like he has done in the past years.

Starting 5 would be pg-knight sg-ellis sf-battier pf-lee c-bogut

Please comment with different scenarios that you have and on whether or not you think these trades are good or bad and whether the warriors would have a winning team.

I have been a die hard warrior fan for many years now and i just want to see them win.



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