The Longterm Solution To All Of Our Problems

To my dear friends at GSoM and Warriors' employees (maybe?), I've come up with the longterm solution to all of our problems. It's really simple.

Eventually, it will help take care of all of our problems. It's not a short-term fix, it could take years. But it's a surefire way to make ourselves a respectable franchise once again. It only involves following one single, powerful idea...


That's it. That's all it takes. Everything else will take care of itself.

All of the bad things that have happened to our franchise are the result of these terrible, shackling contracts. There are widespread repercussions for every single bad contract we sign:

1. They prevent us from using large chunks of salary cap space to acquire better talent.
2. They drastically reduce the trade value of the player.
3. They prevent us from being under the salary cap which would allow us more flexibility in trade scenarios.
4. They have forced us to bring D-Leaguer after D-Leaguer up to the NBA in order to fill up our roster cheaply.
5. They force us to play that player heavy minutes to produce meaningless stats in order to somehow try to justify paying that terrible contract.
6. These heavy minutes going to overpaid veterans are taking away from minutes we should be giving to the youngsters especially when the season is already lost. We should be thinking of rookie contracts as "trial periods" where we give them maximum exposure when possible and the biggest evaluation sample size to see what they are worth for their next contract.
7. They force us into perpetual mediocrity by paying top dollar for only marginal veteran talent, which usually leaves us with a non-impact draft position annually.

Take a minute and think about this scenario: What is the absolute worst that could have happened if we never signed Monta, Lee, Biedrins, Maggette, Jackson to large contracts?

Maybe we don't re-sign Monta, Biedrins, and Jackson in 2008. Maybe we do have a terrible year in 2008. And then, maybe we do land Blake Griffin in the 2009 draft with $30M in salary cap space for Lebron, or Wade, or Bosh, or Deron Williams, or Carmelo. Would we really be worse off in the longterm?

When we don't cripple ourselves with poor contract decisions, our opportunities are limitless. What we're now trying to do every year is grasping at whatever mediocre talent we can afford today just for a long shot at the 8th seed. And when that doesn't work, we trade our bad contracts for other bad contracts and try to make the pieces fit that way. We need to stop thinking about the short term and focus on the longterm.


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