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Game Thread #72: Golden State Warriors @ Houston Rockets - It's That Time of Year


The collective fantasy of Warriors fans is becoming less about basketballs and more about ping pong balls.

Warriors (30-41) at Rockets (37-34)

Tip-Off: 5:30pm | CSN Bay Area | KNBR 1050

SB Nation Blog Buddy: The Dream Shake

If you are wondering what the mindset of a Warriors fan is right now you needn't look any further than the right column of this very website, where you will currently find FanPosts with titles like:

Time for warriors to focus on draft and offseason
The Longterm Solution To All Of Our Problems
2011 Community Draft Project

and my personal favorite...

Poll: Are you still watching the games?

Yeah, Warriors fans aren't exactly on the edge of their seats, excitedly anticipating the tip-off of each coming game. It's time to start dreaming of an offseason filled with a brilliant front office hire, a new hall of fame coach, a surprise free agent signing, a blockbuster trade, and a number one pick. This is familiar territory for a Warriors fan. Oh... and there's a game tonight.

Yes, along with our offseason fantasies this time of year usually has another familiar false hope in store for Warriors fans. It's about that time for the late season run. Can we expect to see our draft lotto odds plummet, while mediocre players perform well enough to almost convince us that things aren't really as bad as they seem? Will Udoh snatch up a string of double doubles, causing us to pass up a promising big man in the draft? Will Al Thornton play himself into a contract next season? Will Lee put up gaudy enough numbers to keep management from unloading his contract when/if they have the chance? Come on Dubs, this is your chance to really screw up the future of the franchise, and give us a few fleeting moments of basketball viewing pleasure.

Or maybe this will finally be the year that ends on a truly sour note, leaving the new ownership a clear mandate to make some drastic changes.

I don't want a cloud with a silver lining. I want summer.

I don't want a win tonight. I want a winning team.