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Recap #72: Golden State Warriors 112 @ Houston Rockets 131 - I'm Haunted



Are the Warriors a friendly ghost? Well, we did have some good times in '07...

So being a Warriors fan is weird. Obviously. Anyone in their right mind would find better things to do with their time than watch this team every night, and then read and write about them when there isn't a game on. It's pretty easy to see that the population around here is dwindling, as the comments in the last few Game Threads have been down and site traffic has been in decline since the trade deadline (admittedly one of the busiest times of year). It's starting to feel like living in a tourist town in the offseason when only the quirky locals are still around. I think the only people hanging in there are those of us who really have it bad. Like contracted-a-disease-with-no-cure bad. I feel kinda like an extra on The Walking Dead... Like I used to have a regular life and free will and everything, but now I keep mindlessly coming back driven by a hunger for human flesh (which is about as appetizing as the basketball we've seen lately). Hmm... I think I also just described what it's like to be David Lee's elbow.

I admit it. I'm haunted. I'm unhealthy. The other day I'm in my car listening to Ryan Adams on my way to work, and I hear the lyric

I went down to Houston
And I stopped in San Antone
I passed up the station for the bus
I was trying to find me something
But I wasn't sure just what
Man I ended up with pockets full of dust

ryan adams (via coltman73)

Video added to fully appreciate how much of a stretch this was.

and my strange Warrior infected mind immediately wanders to this road trip. Sure, it is surprisingly applicable, but can't I just enjoy a song without being reminded of this team? I mean, come on! What's next? Will I be listening to Paul McCartney sing Blackbird, and suddenly see it as a song about Steph Curry being freed from Smart's rotations and fulfilling his potential under a new coach? Gosh, I hope not.

Blackbird by Bobby McFerrin (via nanymoa)

Well, I certainly wasn't thinking about Steph Curry during that version of Blackbird. But hearing Bobby McFerrin somehow sing the guitar part and the lead vocal at the same time, I couldn't help but think that this guy was Rahzel before Rahzel.

Rahzel at RIT - If your mother only knew. (via akonamatata)

Tear Down the House!

So keeping with the strange theme that's developing here, let's go ahead and use one more song for what I'd like to see the Warriors ownership do in the offseason.

Tear Down The House (via theavettbrothers)

Tear down the house
That I grew up in
I'll never be the same again
Take everything that I’ve collected
And throw it in a pile

Bulldoze the woods
That I ran through
Carry the pictures of me and you
I have no memory of who I once was
And I don't remember your name

[Yeah, that's right Lacob. Blow it up. Get rid of anything that would remind me of this team... Well, I guess you can keep Curry]

Park the old car
That I love the best
Inspections due and it won’t pass the test
It’s funny how I have to put it to rest
And how one day…I will join it

[Ha, this could be about Monta or Andris, two guys I've loved to watch but am now ready to see go]

I remember crying over you
And I don't mean like a couple of tears
And then I'm blue
I’m talkin’ about collapsing
And screaming at the moon
But I'm a better man
For having gone through it
Yes, I'm a better man
For having gone through…

[Well, I'm not so sure I'm a better man for having stuck around through all this bad basketball, but I can certainly relate with the suffering]

Ever since I learned how to curse
I’ve been using those sorry old words
But, I’m talkin’ to these children
And I’m keeping it clean
I don’t need those words
To say what I mean
No, I don’t need those words
To say what I mean

[Wait, are they talking about the GSoM Community Guidelines?!?!]

Tear down the house
That I grew up in
I'll never be the same again
Take everything that I used to own
And burn it in a pile

And, bulldoze the woods
That I ran through
Carry the pictures of me and you
I have no memory of who I once was
And I don't remember your name

Hurricane Roses - Heart Grows Tired (live acoustic) (via HurricaneRoses)

And if all else fails, here's a song about suicide! What? Too much? Yeah, I thought so. But who is still reading at this point? If it was me, I'd have skipped down to see who got WW by now.

Oh... there was a game tonight.

(yes I will likely use that line a few more times this season)


Dorell Wright


1R, 2Ls, 34Pts, 5Reb, 6Ast, 3Stl, 1Blk.

But that's not the most impressive thing. Dorell has put up some crazy numbers this season, but tonight he did it while only hitting three times from beyond the arc. It was a good reminder that while he's become a reliable outside shooter, he is still developing other aspects of his floor game. I know that on average a player Dorell's age should be basically as good as he is going to get, but something tells me that we could still see a more complete game in the future from Wright.