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Game Thread #5,072 (#74 this season): Washington Bullets at Golden State Warriors — Cakewalk.

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17-54? The Big E and Wes would not be proud.

Wizards (17-54) at Warriors (31-42)

Tip-Off: 6:00 pm | CSN Bay Area | KNBR 680

SB Nation Blog Buddy: Bullets Forever

Today's pop quiz: how many of their 35 road games have the Bullets Wizards won this year? 8? 5? 3?

Try one. Yep, this once-proud franchise limps into tonight's Clash of the Titans at the Oracle with a 1-34 road record.

If the very young Sleepy, who in '78-79 was captivated by the ultra-cool Hayes/Unseld/Dandridge Bullets that made it two straight NBA finals (winning one), could have foreseen this lame, gold-lamé-clad bunch of "Wizards," he would have been quite bummed. Good thing he quickly jumped off the Bullets bandwagon and eventually adopted the world-beating Warriors.

I'm not one for brash predictions, but as a fan of a once-proud, marginally less pathetic team, I'll take brashness where I can get it: the Warriors, fresh off a Nellieball-style trouncing of the Craptors, win this one running away.

Other predictions:

  • John Wall shows the usual flashes of brilliance — but the leader in the clubhouse for Best Player in the 2010 draft continues to be ... Landry Fields.
  • Nobody lifts a finger to recommence the "Yi Movement."
  • At least one Ws fan in the game thread pines after JaVale McGee. (If no one obliges, I'll do it myself).
  • Ekpe Udoh has the same number of blocks as rebounds. Fortunately, tonight that number is 18.
  • Monta Ellis plays all 53 minutes — in a non-overtime game.
  • Warriors by 19

Bonus featurette — Sleepy's Seventies Soul Selections:

Can You Get to That by Funkadelic, from Maggot Brain (1971)

Southern Man by Merry Clayton, from Merry Clayton (1971)

You Got the Love by Rufus (with of course the sublime Chaka Khan), from Rags to Rufus (1974)


Coolest hoops team of the '70s (non-Warriors division)?

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