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Game Thread #61: Golden State Warriors at Boston Celtics - Debut of Al Thornton

Golden State Warriors (27-33) at Boston Celtics (44-15)

Tipoff: 4:30PM PST

TV: CSN Bay Area | Radio: KNBR 1050

Blog Buddy: CelticsBlog

The Warriors are in Boston tonight and, per my research on Twitter, it is expected that Al Thornton will make his debut for the Warriors. Meanwhile, the Celtics are hurting. Big Baby Glen Davis has a sore patella tendon, Delonte West a sprained ankle, and Shaquille O`Neal is still out with a sore right leg.

Add to that the recent Celtics roster moves of adding Nenad Krstic, Jeff Green, and the newly acquired Sasha Pavlovic and the fact that the Warriors are coming off a big win where they outrebounded the Wizards, and...

Guess what? The Warriors might actually have a really good chance to win this one! But first, my tirade on the Kendrick Perkins deal (after the jump)...

It is my experience in plenty of traveling amateur tournaments that when you have identified a solid starting five (and sometimes it can extend to the Sixth Man) and these five men have already won a championship for you, you do not break that up. The immeasurable, intangible bond and chemistry created between them is sacred. It is the very thing that you play basketball for. Under no circumstances do you mess with that once it has been created.

For me, I've been witness to that only a handful of times in my tournaments. And each time, we knew that certain guys had to go back to school or play overseas or get married or what have you. We knew, in all likelihood, that the magic we had between that core group of five (or six) was probably gone. The Celtics had that and they did not absolutely have to ship Perk out, yet Danny Ainge did it. I couldn't believe it. I even tweeted that perhaps it was because Ainge had never been a part of a championship starting five, only to get a response that someone was pretty sure he was a starter on that '86 Celtics championship.

So, I don't get it. And by the way, Bill Simmons did a wonderful job of explaining this. Read the last part in his (very long) write-up of the NBA Trade Deadline. That's exactly what I mean. I'm far from a fanboy of B.S., but my respect level for him did go up after reading his take on the trade.

Meanwhile, back to the game tonight. With the addition of Pavlovic, the Celtics really have changed their locker room atmosphere. These new guys are gonna come into the game and be unsure of themselves. If the Warriors can pull off the "on-paper" upset, I hope it will reinforce my rant above. Contrastingly, right now our Warriors' locker room has got to be pretty tight after the last win. We'll see how it plays out on the hardwood.

Btw, how do you all feel about Ekpe Udoh's 2-rebound-in-30-minutes performance starting in place of the brainwashed center Andris Biedrins? Beans (that's his nickname until he proves otherwise) still sits, right?

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