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Game Thread #63 - Golden State Warriors @ Cleveland Cavaliers - A Familiar Face, Different Jersey


B Diddy runs the city....of CLEVELAND?!?!?!?

Warriors (27-35) at Cavaliers (12-50)

Tip-Off: 4:00pm | CSN Bay Area | KNBR 1050

SB Nation Blog Buddy:

Fear the Sword

Baron Davis...I must admit, that man was one of my faves back in our "We Believe" run. Really though, how could you NOT like this guy? A castaway from another team, traded for peanuts, came over here with low expectations and ran the show.

Kinda reminds you of SJax too, right? But we'll leave that discussion for another day.

Point is - look at where we are and look were B Diddy are. I don't want to play the "what if" game, so we'll leave it at...maybe we're both better off without each other?

Let's face it, Baron must love being in Cleveland. I hear it's a big market so he can pursue his movie career. Also, I heard through the grapevine that they have the best owner in major league sports.

But enough about B Diddy and his life in Cleveland...let's focus on today's game!

I hear's what I know

  • The Cleveland Cavaliers are by far the worst team in the NBA
  • They went from being the best team to the worst team in one year
  • They tied a record for most consecutive losses in a sport
  • The Warriors are awful on the road

Here's what I don't know

  • How quickly Ekpe Udoh and Stephen Curry will be benched
  • How many minutes VladRad is going to play today
  • If Baron will care about tonight's game and give it his all
My prediction?

Warriors by 1


Would you want Baron Davis as the starting PG of the 2010-2011 Golden State Warriors

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