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Recap #63: Golden State Warriors 95, Cleveland Cavaliers 85 - The big Baron Davis debate, Antawn Jamison and Anthony Parker were 3 minutes from becoming Warriors

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FearTheSword: Warriors utilize three-ball to down the Cavs

So we had exactly one beatwriter from the Bay covering this game: Marcus Thompson aka @gswscribe on Twitter. And we had no GSoM writers available, but luckily, we had Jodie Valade of the Cleveland Plain Dealer covering this via @PDCavsInsider. After the jump, check out the tweets for a little summary of the game.

However, I thought the bigger, more interesting news was the little Twitter banter between Thompson and Matt Steinmetz (@MSteinmetzCSN). Steinmetz wrote this article about the possibility of the Warriors instead of the Cavaliers acquiring Baron Davis, which Thompson followed up saying that doing so would've prohibitively complicated matters for Stephen Curry.

But then came the startling news from writer Sam Amick, who had attended Geekapalooza (aka Sloan MIT Sports Statistics Conference) last week and actually interviewed Warriors owner Joe Lacob about the NBA trade deadline. Putting two and two together, Amick deduced that it was Antawn Jamison and Anthony Parker that Lacob came within three minutes of the deadline of acquiring.

Whew! Hit the jump for the details...


Below is the lazy recap. Click here for the canned recap, or visit FearTheSword before the jump and under the header picture. Scroll down if you want to skip to the juicy Baron and Jamison/Parker stuff. Here are the live-tweets of the beatwriters. Sam Amico (no, not a typo and a different person than Amick) from Cleveland is also added, but he actually didn't tweet much during the game...

@PDCavsInsider: Daniel Gibson will likely play for #Cavs tonight against Warriors, Byron Scott said. Still no start for Baron Davis.

@PDCavsInsider: Semih Erden and Luke Harangody are out for #Cavs tonight vs. Warriors, and won't play the rest of the week. Byron wants injuries to heal.

@PDCavsInsider: And Daniel Gibson definitely is available for #Cavs tonight. He's missed 2 games with bruised quad.

@PDCavsInsider: Tweeps, PD's Jodie Valade covering #Cavs again tonight for you. No worries, the Great MSB will be back tomorrow in Milwaukee.

@PDCavsInsider: Samardo Samuels is really liking this starting role. He already has 7 pts on 3-for-5 shooting, #Cavs lead Warrios 13-10.

@PDCavsInsider: Make that #Cavs lead WARRIORS 13-10. 6:10 in 1Q.

@PDCavsInsider: Scoreboard just flashed Mark Price, a Warriors assistant coach, and The Q crowd erupted with cheers. #Cavs fans love their legends.

@gswscribe: Baron gets a similar ovation when he checks in. He's defending Ellis

@gswscribe: Warriors assistant Mark Price gets a nice ovation when the show him on the big screen

@PDCavsInsider: Baron Davis checks into game for #Cavs, and gets louder ovation than Mark Price. #Cavs fans love their new point guard.

@SamAmicoFSO: Mark Price, a part-time assistant with Warriors, shown on Jumbotron and gets nice ovation from Cavs fans.

@gswscribe: Baron immediately posts Monta and gets a layup ... Udoh posts Ryan Hollins and ... nearly breaks the backboard with his right hook

@PDCavsInsider: Ryan Hollins just slammed in a lob from Boobie Gibson, Baron Davis is whooping with joy. Where'd that come from, Hollins? #Cavs lead 19-12

@gswscribe: When watching GSW play, few things are funnier than Monta dribbling to his LEFT ... @Rusty_SFChron just shakes his head at the sight

@PDCavsInsider: J.J. Hickson just looked like Blake Griffin on the receiving end of a Baron Davis lob to end 1Q. #Cavs lead Warriors 30-18.

@gswscribe: End of 1Q: CAVS 30, #GSW 18. Warriros 8-22 FGs (36.4%). Lee 6 and 4. Amundson 4 and 2. CLE - JJ 8/5/2. Samuels 7 and 2. BD 4 and 2

@SamAmicoFSO: Acie Law's jump shot is so ugly, they gave it a nickname: Amy Winehouse. Cavs lead Warriors 30-18 after 1st.

@gswscribe: A shot RT @jbeef86 was it a punch or a shot attempt? or both @gswscribe Udoh posts Hollins and ... nearly breaks backboard w/ right hook.

@gswscribe: He likes Law's defense RT @NorcalMoney Does Smart really like Law that much? Already know he luvs Vlad

@gswscribe: This Samuels cat is beastin the Warriors

@gswscribe: Wait, is the Warriors game on right now???? RT @bigern22007 Is this game as ugly live as it is on TV?

@PDCavsInsider: It's a strange night when Ryan Hollins actually does decent things on the court. He just dunked in his 3rd basket (7 pts), #Cavs lead 39-32.

@PDCavsInsider: #Cavs have scored 1 basket in last 5 mins, Warriors have cut their lead to 41-38 with 3:47 in 2Q.

@gswscribe: Al Thornton has made five straight shots over two games

@gswscribe: Cavs 4-for-15 shooting with five turnovers this quarter. GSW up 4 with a minute until half

@gswscribe: Curry layup gives Warriors a 44-43. FG% update: GSW 47.4, Cavs 36.4

@PDCavsInsider: Warriors take 44-43 lead over #Cavs with 1:35 left in 2Q on Stephen Curry layup. Cavs shooting 36.4%.

@PDCavsInsider: Warriors lead 47-46 over #Cavs at halftime. Anthony Parker 3 got them that close, but his shot at buzzer clanged off side of backboard.

@gswscribe: Half: #GSW 47, CAVS 46. Curry 11/5/3. Ellis 4/3/5. Lee 6 and 5. Thornton 9 and 2 (3-3 FGs). CLE Samuels 11 and 4. Hickson 8/6/3 #ineedcoffee

@SamAmicoFSO: Cavs look like entirely different team with Baron running offense (as opposed to Sessions). Monta Ellis just 4 pts, but GSW up 47-46 at half

@PDCavsInsider: Warriors start 3Q on 9-2 run, #Cavs call timeout down 56-48. Cavs have 3 turnovers and are 0-for-3 this qtr.

@PDCavsInsider: This is some ugly hoops on both sides right now. Lots of running up and down the court, lots of misses from both teams. #Cavs

@PDCavsInsider: This is how it's going for #Cavs: Gee blocks Monta Ellis on breakway, Curry rebounds and hits jumper. Warriors lead 60-49, 6:11 3Q.

@gswscribe: Baron just openly grabbed Curry by the jersey and pulled him down as they both went for a loose ball

@gswscribe: Vlad had 3 blocks ... Cavs have missed 39 of 56 shots. Cleveland's starting five is 11-40

@PDCavsInsider: Gotta love Baron Davis' savvy play. Loses ball to Stephen Curry, grabs his jersey to prevent him from getting to loose ball for breakaway.

@gswscribe: Ellis back-to-back 3s pushes Warriors lead to 68-54. Warriors 9-for-15 shooting so far in 3Q

@PDCavsInsider: Baron Davis hits a 3, a layup, a 3, cuts Warriors lead to 68-59 over #Cavs, 3:31 3Q.

@gswscribe: He doesn't draw fouls well. Too elusive RT @jas_il you probably won't have the answer but why doesn't Monta get ANY superstar calls?

@gswscribe: Baron enters the game and immediately changes the tenor. He's scored 8 points in 3 minutes. Warriors lead down to 68-59

@gswscribe: Monta just son'd Christian Eyenga on both ends, in the same sequence

@gswscribe: Ryan Hollins always dunks likes he's an all-star or something. Always puting hella extra on it

@PDCavsInsider: Monta Ellis just hit his 4th 3-pointer of the quarter to put Warriors up 73-61 over #Cavs. Warriors are 6-for-11 on 3s.

@gswscribe: Monta is taking over without breaking a sweat. He has 17 in the quarter, on 6-9 FGs, I don't think he's even run hard

@PDCavsInsider: Make that 5 3-pointers for Monta Ellis this quarter. Wonder if #Cavs are noticing this trend?

@PDCavsInsider: Warriors lead #Cavs 76-65 end of 3Q, thanks to 17 pts from Monta Ellis this quarter.

@gswscribe: Warriors being outrebounded 38-28. Biedrins/Udoh combined 4 rebounds in 34 minutes

@gswscribe: Right on cue RT @soulbrotherdre Hollins always dunks likes he's an all-star. Always puting hella extra on it (Lol he just did it again)

@gswscribe: Time out GSW after a lob to Hollans (who surprisingly didn't start foaming at the mouth afterward). Warriors 78-72, 8:55 left

@PDCavsInsider: Ryan Hollins is having a field day with the #Cavs new Lob City offense. Season-high 14 pts on Boobie lob, Warriors lead 78-72, 8:55 left.

@gswscribe: The UCLA connection is playing big off the Cavs bench. Baron 17 and 4 ast. Hollins 14 on 6-8 FGs

@gswscribe: Baron lob to Eyenga cuts Warriors lead to 4

@PDCavsInsider: Baron Davis lob to Christian "Skyenga" might become a staple soon. Eyenga just slammed in a pretty one, Warriors up 80-74.

@gswscribe: Hickson's pinky is dislocated. That was so nasty

@PDCavsInsider: #Cavs not having good luck with pinky fingers this season. A broken left one is what knocked Antawn Jamison out for season.

@PDCavsInsider: JJ Hickson just sprinted off the court after it looked like his left pinky looked bent to his hand -- in the wrong direction. Ouch. #Cavs

@PDCavsInsider: Replays just showed JJ's pinky bent in a very abnormal direction -- and not moving at all. OW.

@SamAmicoFSO: Even when Stephen Curry gets mad at the refs, he still looks like he's 12.

@PDCavsInsider: JJ Hickson back on the bench, left pinky taped. No official update on game status.

@PDCavsInsider: JJ Hickson has a left pinky finger dislocation, X-rays negative (not broken). He'll return. #Cavs

@gswscribe: Apparently Hickson is returning. X-rays on his left pinky were negative. Just a dislocation

@PDCavsInsider: Warriors starting backcourt (Curry/Ellis) 19-for-36, 47 points. #Cavs starting backcourt (Sessions/Parker) 3-for-15, 12 points.

@PDCavsInsider: #Cavs fall to Warriors 95-85. Warriors' Ellis 24 pts, Curry 23 pts. Baron Davis 19 pts. And at least JJ Hickson avoids season-ending injury

Btw, per a late Steinmetz tweet, Reggie Williams only played 3 minutes. Season-low.

Baron Banter

So here's the exchange between Thompson and Steinmetz after Steinmetz posted his article. Btw, yours truly (@poormanscommish) gets into the conversation too! Looks like Thompson agrees with me (Steph and Monta cannot co-exist)...

@MSteinmetzCSN: Was there bold Warriors move out there for Baron Davis?

@MSteinmetzCSN: @DoctorKajita ... Regrets, I've had a few, right?

@gswscribe: talking w/ BD, it's DEFINITELY a factor RT @timkawakami: But Rowell & aides have bashed Baron last few years & vice-versa. It's a factor ...

@gswscribe: If they don't want Curry long term RT @timkawakami: Agree w/ @MSteinmetzcsn suggestion GSWs should've explored similar Baron deal http:/ ...

@MSteinmetzCSN: @gswscribe Baron can only play 25 mpg., would come off bench, no threat to Curry. In fact, would get him more shots.

@MSteinmetzCSN: @BASportsGuy That's certainly fair point, but if Sterling thought GSW deal better & more $$-saving, probably would have done it.

@gswscribe: Thanks for comments on Baron article. I appreciate it. I just don't like RTing praise cuz it seems corny to me. Don't mean to be rude

@gswscribe: But that leaves Curry with 23 minutes and a blow to his confidence RT @MSteinmetzCSN: Baron can only play 25 mpg., would come off bench ...

@gswscribe: And not even you believe BD is ready to be a humble backup RT @MSteinmetzCSN: Baron can only play 25 mpg., would come off bench ...

@MSteinmetzCSN: @gswscribe Curry 36, Monta 36, Baron 24. Plus, they'd play infrequently together -- the three of them. Curry big boy, he can handle.

@MSteinmetzCSN: @gswscribe I do think Baron would come off bench. But trade more about pick anyway -- Baron gravy

@gswscribe: Bottom line: you bring in another PG who could at least compete with Curry for time, you hinder his status as leader & development

@MSteinmetzCSN: @gswscribe But you still my guy, right?

@MSteinmetzCSN: @gswscribe Disagree. I think you help him. Also Curry would benefit hugely from PG who could create & get him shots.

@gswscribe: The same happened with Monta and you saw the result of that. The position is too important for head games, etc

@MSteinmetzCSN: About what? The trade? Too many people think perfect deal out there. RT @Rehren1296: @MSteinmetzCSN how does it feel to be wrong?

@gswscribe: Good teams pick a PG and that's their guy. They take advantage of the good and deal with the bad. Once there is a PG controversy - all bad

@MSteinmetzCSN: @gswscribe No PG controversy at all. Baron ain't long-term. He'd help in short term & you'd have two lottery picks this year.

@gswscribe: Curry doesnt need shots. He needs experience RT @MSteinmetzCSN: ... I think you help him. Curry benefit hugely from PG who gets him shots.

@MSteinmetzCSN: @gswscribe One of the best shooters in the league doesn't need shots? He'll still get experience -- & some would even be at 2.

@gswscribe: Absolutely RT @MSteinmetzCSN: But you still my guy, right?

@gswscribe: You really believe there would be no controversy with Baron on the bench? RT @MSteinmetzCSN: No PG controversy. Baron ain't long-term ...

@gswscribe: Exactly. imagine if Smart had a better option than Law! RT @ivanbe: You know what else hinders Curry development? Sitting watching Acie Law

@MSteinmetzCSN: @gswscribe You make is sound like adding talent is bad for Curry. C'mon, he gotta be tougher than that.

@gswscribe: Does Nash need shots? RT @MSteinmetzCSN: One of best shooters in NBA doesn't need shots? He'll still get experience, some at 2

@MSteinmetzCSN: Oh, boy, you comparing Curry to Nash? We gonna have to end this then

@MSteinmetzCSN: @ChrisBiderman But what does "taking on that $" really mean? They over cap anyway & your owner says he's not scared of tax.

@gswscribe: Cuz no one (D'Antoni) has ever made that comparison RT @MSteinmetzCSN: Oh, boy, you comparing Curry to Nash? We gonna have to end this then

@MSteinmetzCSN: BTW, @gswscribe & me former colleagues & current friends. He knows he's got nothing here. Ha.

@MSteinmetzCSN: Fine, then tell Baron never to show up & you've still got two lottery picks to try to get creative with. #winning

@MSteinmetzCSN: Plus -- & here's bonus. Baron has opt out clause in 2012-13 for $14.5 million. Maybe he'll exercise it again on Warriors.

@MSteinmetzCSN: @ChrisBiderman I understand draft not great, but two lottery picks is two lottery picks. And you only got 2nd-rounder for 1 expiring (Gadz)

@MSteinmetzCSN: @Gambyt3 Why would you say that? This is about trying to make Curry better & realizing he's going to be here?

@MSteinmetzCSN: All right @gswscribe ... Have a good one, get back to Bay safe and give @Rusty_SFChron a smack in head for me.

@gswscribe: Was at a restaurant and my phone died. My bad @MSteinmetzCSN

@gswscribe: Not true. But his teams were mediocre untill he was undisputed PG RT @ibkVuman Nash didn't get major exp until his 5th season ...

@gswscribe: Where would CP3 be if NOH signed a scoring PG to share with him when he was shooting low 40s FG%?

@gswscribe: Where would Rondo be if Celtics brought in a really good back-up to compete with him in his early years?

@gswscribe: Ditto for Tony Parker. Even Derek Fisher. And every other good team. A PG's load is to big to have focus taken away with worrying about mins

@gswscribe: Look at the teams that have shared PGs? Toronto. Indiana (b4 Collison). How good are they? ... In GSW's best years, was PG position secure?

@MSteinmetzCSN: Phone died simply way of saying @msteinmetzcsn wins. RT @gswscribe: Was at a restaurant and my phone died. My bad @MSteinmetzCSN

@gswscribe: Hahaha. Correct RT @MSteinmetzCSN BTW, @gswscribe & me former colleagues & current friends. He knows he's got nothing here. Ha.

@gswscribe: Correct again RT @MSteinmetzCSN "Phone died" simply way of saying @msteinmetzcsn wins RT @gswscribe: Was at restaurant & phone died. My bad

@gswscribe: It's similar to QB #VickisOurStarter RT @BASportsGuy What if BD came in on 3rd downs and ran Wildcat? Sorry, wrong sport #PGbyCommittee

@gswscribe: But that's because Jose "toughened up," right @MSteinmetzCSN lol RT @jbeef86 Calderon was invisible sharing w/ Jack. Now avg 11 dimes per?

@gswscribe: For the record, I said the exact same thing when Monta was deemed starting PG. See how he handled competition #WeCantPlayTogether

@MSteinmetzCSN: @gswscribe Wait, first you compared Curry to Steve Nash and now to Jose Calderon? What happened last 10 minutes?

@gswscribe: No. Doubt. RT @kuhvet Tiki Barber is coming out of retirement. That divorce settlement must be crucial.

@gswscribe: Uh, your stance crumbled under scrutiny? lol RT @MSteinmetzCSN first you compared Curry to Nash, now to Calderon? What happend last 10 mins?

@gswscribe: For all the marbles @MSteinmetzCSN - name one starting PG in last 20 years who thrived despite sharing mins w/ a really good back-up?

@gswscribe: And who was his really good backup? Ever? RT @DevineBoston Jason Kidd.

@gswscribe: Categorically disagree RT @poormanscommish So you are in disagreement w/ Lacob that team should be built around Steph and Monta, right?

@gswscribe: When two really good PGs are on the same team, the same thing usually happens: one has to go. (See: Collison/Paul)

@MSteinmetzCSN: @gswscribe Nash early in career. Also, I look at it other way, guy like D.Stoudamire, given free rein early. Never got him back

@gswscribe: LOL. He had to step it up to beat out the ol' UVa star RT @pcon34 Stockton benefitted w/consistent mins & grit from the great John Crotty.

@MSteinmetzCSN: Pretty sure my guy John Stockton benefited from playing alongside Ricky Green first year.

@MSteinmetzCSN: Stockton's first three years minutes-wise: 18, 23, 23

@gswscribe: Wrong again. Nash avg 10 mins as rook. Nash 2nd year, Kidd started all 82, avg 38 mins. Guess who was gone nxt yr BTW? Nash @MSteinmetzCSN

@MSteinmetzCSN: Plus, John Stockton averaged only 31 minutes per game for his career. #doingmorewithlessPT

@gswscribe: And for the record, @MSteinmetzCSN Stockton's rookie year was 27 years ago

@gswscribe: If it didn't, we couldn't debate about great players RT @RattoCSN Why every GSW debate end up about great players who never played for GSW?

@gswscribe: Good one RT @feltbot (See: Smith/Cassell) RT @gswscribe When 2 really good PGs are on same team, same thing usually happens: one has to go.

@gswscribe: Kenny was clearly the PG. Cassell started a 7 games w Rox and avg < 18 mins in both title runs RT @sactojr Smith and Cassell?

@gswscribe: @MSteinmetzCSN suggests BD cuz he doesn't think Curry is a PG. I see his point if that's basis we're working under. But such is not the case

@gswscribe: No. But I'm all in for the Jeff Grayer-Mr. Jennings debate RT @RattoCSN So no Carroll-Lister arguments in your future, I guess

@gswscribe: And what happened to the starter, Kenny Smith, when the back-up got too good? RT @sactojr

@gswscribe: not in the playoffs ... just saying RT @sactojr No. 2nd title 25 mpg for KS (4 ast). 23 mpg for Sam (4.9 ast). just sayin.

@gswscribe: Yeah, but because of the PGs RT @feltbot When two really good PGs are on same team, the same thing usually happens: they go to the finals.

@gswscribe: Baron & Monta said if the Warriors didn't trade @jrich23 they'd have won a title by now, or at least been in hunt for one. Agree?

@gswscribe: Not at current prices, which people miss when they lament JR trade RT @feltbot Could the Warriors afford both Monta and JRich?

@gswscribe: Now you comparing Curry to Stockton? lol RT MSteinmetzCSN: Plus, Stockton averaged only 31 mins for his career #doingmorewithlessPT

@MSteinmetzCSN: @njoy_tweet So, if Curry doesn't win two MVPs, & doesn't go to Hall of Fame (like Nash will) he won't have lived up to expectations?

@MSteinmetzCSN: Pregame show should be good. Talking some Baron Davis hypothetical. Best part: No rebuttals from @gswscribe.

@gswscribe: O-U-C-H RT @MSteinmetzCSN Pregame show should be good. Talking some Baron Davis hypothetical. Best part: No rebuttals from @gswscribe.

@MSteinmetzCSN: Just because I don't like Stephen Curry/Steve Nash comparison doesn't mean I don't like Curry. I do. Just more conservative about upside

Btw, did you notice that? Thompson said that Baron and Monta said if the Warriors hadn't traded Jason Richardson, they'd have won a title by now. So, GSoMers, what do you think about that? Thus far, the consensus I've heard is that the Warriors wouldn't have necessarily won a title, but would have been quite a force. But what about the salary cap issues? I'm sure that Baron/Monta/J-Rich trio could attract a marquee free agent, but there's no way the Warriors could have afforded that FA, right?

3 minutes away from Antawn and Parker

And to top off the Cavs-Warriors news, Sam Amick's interview with Lacob revealed that the Warriors were three minutes away from the deadline from acquiring Jamison and Parker. Both (starters on the Cavs) would've come off the bench. But the Cavs got cold feet. And we don't know who would've been traded to the Cavs, but I'm sure you guys can speculate and come to educated guesses in the comments below.

And I hate to beat a dead horse, but as you can see from the above, things are quite fun on Twitter sometimes. Feel free to hop on the bandwagon and be sure to follow me at @poormanscommish and of course any of the other handles you saw in the above. That'll certainly get you started.

Through my nonprofit organization Dream League, I'm also giving away 25 free tickets to Sunday's game against the Minnesota Timberwolves (6pm tipoff), if I hit 1,000 followers. I'm only like 28 away. (ASIDE: Anthony Tolliver tweeted that he would give away 4 tickets to a Twolves home game coming up if he got 250 more followers, so that inspired me.)

I'll post something about that tomorrow or the next day. Thanks for your support!

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