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Indiana Pacers @ Chicago Bulls, Philadelphia 76ers @ Miami Heat, Atlanta Hawks @ Orlando Magic, Portland Trail Blazers @ Dallas Mavericks :: 2011 NBA Playoffs Day 1




Before you jump for a preview of the first day of playoff action make sure to check out Jon Bois' excellent piece NBA Playoffs 2011: Simulating First Round Using Crappy Video Games From The '90s over at

Then of course... JUMP!

Indiana Pacers @ Chicago Bulls

Indy Cornrows vs Blog a Bull

10am PST | ESPN

I can't believe the former savior of the Golden State Warriors Mike Dunleavy is about to play in his FIRST playoff game. It's of course for a crappy 37-45 Leastern Conference dweller that won only one more game than the 12th place in the West Warriors.


Classic GSoM material.

Can David Stern just cancel this series and give the Bulls a free pass to the second round?

Philadelphia 76ers @ Miami Heat

Liberty Ballers vs Peninsula is Mightier

12:30pm PST | ABC

The Sixers finished of the season at .500 (41-41). That would put them in 10th place in the West. In the East that's the 7th seed. Just like the Pacers, the 76ers don't belong in the playoffs and I'm sure Dwyane Wade and LeBron James will show them the way to the exit in 5 games or less.

Atlanta Hawks @ Orlando Magic

Peachtree Hoops vs Orlando Pinstriped Post

7pm PST | ESPN

Last year this series was over in 1.5 games. Let's see if the Hawks can at least push it to 4 this season.

By the way would you be happy if you paid $16.3 million for a player who put up 18-5-4 this season? Would you be happy if he was on your books for 5 more years at $102 million plus? Say hello to Joe Johnson and the Atlanta Hawks.

Portland Trail Blazers @ Dallas Mavericks

Blazer's Edge vs Mavs Moneyball

6:30pm PST | ESPN

This should be an interesting series. It's very likely the only series from opening day that will last past 5 games.

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