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Does the First Round End Tonight? Spurs @ Grizzlies: 2011 NBA Playoffs Day 14

Memphis may be ahead in the series, but this one is still up for grabs.

Championship dreams are dropping like flies. Last night we saw the sad end of the Hornets, Magic, and Blazers. The saddest part? That we don't get to watch Dwight Howard or Chris Paul play again, until next season's opening night when they will both be wearing Warriors jerseys (don't ask me how, but you heard it here first). Tonight we get to see if the Spurs have enough left in the tank to keep this series going. And when they don't, what will be the saddest part? Not getting to see Popovich coach again, until next season's opening night when he will be stalking the sidelines at Oracle (don't ask me how but you heard it here first).

Day 13 Results

Magic 81 (2) @ Hawks 84 (4)

Lakers 98 (4) @ Hornets 80 (2)

Mavericks 103 (4) @ Blazers 96 (2)

DAY 14 Schedule

San Antonio Spurs (2) @ Memphis Grizzlies (3)


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