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GameThread #78 - Golden State Warriors @ Portland TrailBlazers - To Tank, or Not to Tank, THAT is the Question!



Golden State Warriors (33-44) @ Portland Trail Blazers (45-32)

Tip-Off: 7:00 pm | CSN Bay Area | KNBR 680

Hamlet said it best when he asked, "To tank or not to tank?"

Tonight, we have another meaningless game ahead of us. Well, for the Blazers, fighting to clinch a playoff spot, it ain't meaningless. But for the lottery-bound Warriors (per usual), it means nothing. If we tank, we get a slightly better chance at winning the lottery or move up a slot or two...if we don't tank, we stay put in draft order and have basically the same chance at winning the lottery.

So fellow tank or not to tank? That is the question!

R Dizzle's Predictions

  • YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME! Warriors by 1
  • LaMarcus Aldridge - Warrior Killer of the night - comes down with 35 points and 10 boards
  • Udoh gets 1 rebound and 5 blocks and plays killer defense...but anyone that doesn't watch the game
  • Monta Ellis with 30 points...Stephen Curry with 2

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