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Recap #78: Golden State Warriors 108, Portland Trail Blazers 87 - Warriors Big 3 Play to Win the Game


I'd be horrified here too if I was Brandon Roy.

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As usual in April the Warriors didn't have much to play for tonight, but that didn't matter especially for the Warriors big 3 of David Lee, Stephen Curry, and Monta Ellis. Collectively they all played a phenomenal game and carried the Dubs to a nice road win.

Jump for the pregame speech from a famous former head coach that sparked this great outing and some game shots!

Pregame Speech

Yes fellas as Herm Edwards and R Dizzle noted in the preview--


And that's exactly what Lee, Curry, and Ellis did tonight. Give them their props. They could have easily packed it in and called it quits, but they didn't.

Game Shots

  • This is what a big 3 is all about. David Lee dropped 29 points, Stephen Curry scored 28, and Monta Ellis had 30. 3 big nights.
  • Back(court) to the Warriors. Curry (+20) and Monta (+23) had 58 points to the 29 put up by Andre Miller and Wesley Matthews. It doesn't seem to happen often enough, but when both Curry and Ellis are on point the Warriors are a very good basketball team.
  • The Warriors came out after halftime and dominated the 3rd quarter (37 to 21) ON THE ROAD. I don't know if I've ever been able to say something like that in my 5+ years blogging the Warriors. Amazing.
  • Milk Carton Brandon Roy's game. What a sad state of affairs. Roy was arguably a top 10 player not too ago. Now he's regulated to bench duty and shooting 2 for 11 against the Warriors. Seriously 18% against the Warriors? I bet even Butler could shoot better than that. Okay maybe not. (Was that not the WORST NCAA Men's Final game last night or what?)
  • I sure hope Marcus Camby comes back fine from the neck injury. Do you realize he's been playing since 1996 and at age 37 is still gobbling 10.3 rpg? 3 years ago all of the irrational Andris Biedrins backers would have said some not-so-very-nice things about anyone willing to trade Biedrins for Camby. Age ain't nothing but a number, especially when the younger guy is so unskilled and apathetic towards the game of basketball and learning how to shoot free throws from a basketball legend. Should've listened to Nellie, Biedrins. Should have listened to Nellie.


Tonight's award goes to the man who saved his best performance of the season for the 78th game of the season. David Lee nearly walked away with 30-20 and was simply dominant on both sides of the ball.

Hmmm, how would season have gone if Nellie was in charge and played to Lee and the rest of the team's strengths?


More mismatches needed!

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