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Game Thread #79: Los Angeles Lakers @ Golden State Warriors - Is there a chance?

This is how I feel whenever the Warriors play the Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers (55-22) @ Golden State Warriors (34-44)

Tip-Off: 7:30 pm | CSN Bay Area | KNBR 680

When the Lakers come to town it's always rowdy and raucous at the Oracle. A significant amount of the crowd is pro-Laker sporting their purple and yellow Kobe Bryant jerseys. They're loud, obnoxious, and have bad breath. It's no fun to be a Warrior fan, especially when you have these bandwagon Laker fans in your face chanting MVP when Derek Fisher steps to the free throw line. Actually Warriors fans should do that just for the sarcasm.

That's also why it's fun when the Lakers visit. People get all riled up and excited for no reason other than pride. We all know who the better team is. We all know who has the better franchise. We all know we'd swap the Lakers team for the Warriors team in a heartbeat as long as they changed the laundry to the Warrior blues. But it's fun to boo, cheer, and for 2.5 hours forget about everything except what's happening on the court.

The Warriors don't really have a reason to tank anymore with 4 games left. In the West, they're 3 games in front of the Clippers and 3 games behind the Jazz. In the East, they're 1.5 games in front of the Bobcats. They'd have to lose all 4 remaining games and the Bobcats would have to win 2 of 5 just to tie. It's possible, but not likely. And even if the Warriors happened to slip "in front" of the Bobcats, they'd move up from 12th worst to 11th worst. They might as well try and beat the teams they're playing. And I think they are really trying to win as evidenced by the blowout win over Portland on the road. Crazy!

This one should be fun no matter what the score is.


  • Warriors win by 23
  • Kobe Bryant held to under double digit scoring
  • David Lee goes for 20-20 again
  • Monta Ellis dunks on Andrew Bynum and causes Bynum to miss the playoffs - DNP-Broken
  • Derek Fisher thinks he's Kobe and goes 5-20

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