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Chicago Bulls @ Atlanta Hawks, Los Angeles Lakers @ Dallas Mavericks :: 2011 NBA Playoffs Day 21


Down 0-2 headed and headed to Dallas.

The playoffs continue, so JUMP!

Day 19 Rewind

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The Bulls evened the series with a convincing win behind a very nice outing from Joakim Noah. Man what if the Warriors took Noah back in the 2007 NBA Draft instead of Brandan Wright? That would've solved a lot of issues.

Surprisingly the Lakers dug themselves a very deep whole with a second straight home loss to the Mavericks. Who would've thought?

Chicago Bulls @ Atlanta Hawks

Blog a Bull vs Peachtree Hoops

4pm | ESPN

The Hawks are playing some great hoops in the playoffs. I expect that to continue tonight in Hotlanta. It's fun to see Jamal Crawford aka JC scoring a ton. Let's go JC!

Prediction: Hawks by 7

LA Lakers @ Dallas Mavericks

Silver Screen and Roll vs Mavs Moneyball

6:30pm | ESPN

The Lakers haven't impressed me all that much this season aside from their nice start back in November/ December, but they aren't this bad and I'm not ready to count them out yet. Trust me, Kobe Bryant is not a happy dude right now.

Prediction: Lakers by 10

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