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Golden State Warriors Draft Grades from around The Web

For your convenience, I've compiled a list of grades from various internet draft sites. Three of the sites (Walter-Football, Swish-Scout, and CBS Sports) didn't assign actual grades, so I came up with a subjective grade based on my own interpretation of their comments. Overall, it seems like a mixed reaction from the graders, as you might expect. I tend to agree with the naysayers, but hope I am proved wrong. When you're happier with the second round picks, that's not usually a good sign.






Pro Basketball Draft


Jerry West became loved Thompson didn’t hesitate to draft him. Thompson is a great shooter and will be wonderful with Stephen Curry. Jeremy Tyler, has lottery size and talent but is a big-time project. Mark Jackson has to be happy with this haul. Great 2nd round pick by Golden State of Charles Jenkins, who can be a scorer off the bench.


The Hoops Report


There wasn't any better pick for the Warriors at No. 11. Klay Thompson can step in at small forward for the Warriors, a team that likes to run and gun. Thompson will be able to get a lot of open outside shots in this offense. If Monta Ellis is traded, Thompson will be able to step in at shooting guard.


NBA Draft Insider


With a new regime in town the Warriors had a different mentality in the draft. They drafted a classic sized shooting guard in Thompson who will compliment Stephen Curry nicely. Either as a 6th Man or a starter (if they trade Monta) the size and shooting Thompson brings in while be valued. In the second round they bought Tyler (for two million dollars) and selected Jenkins who should both make the roster and have an impact. The Warriors had a great draft and found high value in every pick, but may have reached on Thompson who may be a one-dimensional player.


The decision made by the Warriors to add shooting to their backcourt suggests that they are indeed becoming closer to moving Monta Ellis. Unfortunately Thompson isn't a great athlete or defender and neither is his future running-mate Stephen Curry, but acquiring Iguodala or an athlete in his mold could supplement that. On the bright side, Klay is a no risk pick and should be able to contribute something instantly. Something that can't be said about many of this year's picks. Jeremy Tyler is an excellent risk/reward pick, and if things work out then he could really add some talent to the Warriors' frontcourt. The Warriors added 3 new members to their front office and seemed to make a pick for each (Jerry West / Klay Thompson - his guy, Mark Jackson / Charles Jenkins NY ties, and new assistant GM Bob Myers who had ties to Jeremy Tyler through his agent days at Wasserman Group).




Klay: Looks like Monta Ellis is probably on his way out the door here.  Excellent all-around player and probably the best pure shooter in the Draft.  Solid player, I’m not super high on him as an NBA player and thought that the Warriors might go for some size or D here.  Got to see him play a fair share at Wazzu and he’s a great natural talent, and what he lacks in athleticism he makes up for in basketball IQ.  still needs to fill out his frame, cut down on turnovers (3.7 per game last season), and does lack ideal NBA athleticism for a SG/SF. Tyler: Tyler has all the makings of an NBA post starter in the league.  Unbelievable build and length at 6’11″, 260 lb.s, explosive leaper, good motor, and has a ceiling as high as any player.  The big issue is if those maturity issues are gone, but I’m sold on him as a player and a person.  Still has a lot of developing to do, but he has the makings of a guy with ‘DeMarcus Cousin-Derrick Favors’ type game.  His face up jumper is silky out to 16 feet. Jenkins: Don’t know that you will find a tougher guard in this Draft than Jenkins.  Will be able to handle the ball for them and score, excellent value at #44


Ball Don’t Lie


You might be dismayed by the large amount of high grades I'm giving out, but considering where Golden State was drafting from, where else would you place this team? Thompson is a sound wing scorer with range, and someone to pass to on the break. The Warriors may have plenty of scorers, but they can always use another pure shooter, and Thompson fits that bill. And considering that then-Laker Pat Riley once wrote half a book detailing new Warriors el jefe Jerry West's dogged pursuit of Thompson's father before the 1986-87 season, I think it only fitting. Tyler is a project, both in terms of emotional and physical makeup. But for a second round pick, he's well worth the "risk." And Jenkins' game might not translate to the NBA, but he's also a high-reward sort of guy. So why not take a chance, deep into the second round? He's no Monta Ellis(notes), but he could have his moments pounding the ball up top and then driving against a team's second unit.


Chad Ford


Warriors adviser Jerry West became enamored with Thompson early, and I can see the appeal. The Washington State guard is big, shoots the ball well and has some great basketball DNA from father Mychal, the No. 1 pick in the 1978 draft and a 12-year NBA veteran. But there were still players like Kawhi Leonard and Alec Burks on the board at No. 11 that I think have much higher ceilings. The Warriors went safe, but safe doesn't get you an "A" grade. I did really like their second-round selection of Jenkins, who can be a major scoring threat off the bench. Tyler, the Warriors' other second-rounder, has lottery size and talent ... but is he mature enough to handle the rigors of the NBA? He's going to be a project.


Trey Kerby


Thompson made a late surge on a lot of mock drafts and it was due to his ability to shoot from the outside. He’s this close to Jimmer Fredette in terms of pure shooting acumen and will fit nicely with Stephen Curry. Yes, that’s intimation that Monta Ellis is probably being traded, and whether or not Monta sticks around will affect Thompson’s time on the court. Tyler is a high-risk, high-reward type of player and someone that the Warriors could use if he turns out to be the latter. Considering the upside, acquiring Tyler’s draft rights could be a steal. Jenkins isn’t a need for the Warriors, but he’s a talent that was too good to pass up and it’s very possible he ends up being Curry’s back-up.




Klay: Another offensive player for the Warriors' run and gun offense rather than a much needed defensive guy like Chris Singleton or Kawhi Leonard... can't say I agree with that even though it has been known for a while that Golden State really likes him. If the Warriors end up dealing Monta Ellis, this pick will make a lot more sense. (Pick Grade: Don't get it); Tyler: The Warriors bought this pick from Charlotte. Tyler looks the part but is not NBA ready and may never be. For a team in need of size though, this could be a good fit down the line. (Pick Grade: Makes sense); Jenkins: The Warriors needed backcourt depth and added to it with Charles Jenkins joining Klay Thompson. Jenkins is a solid value here as a scoring combo guard, but don't expect to see much playing time from him. (Pick Grade: Makes sense) 


CBS Sports


How many guards can they need? New head coach Mark Jackson and GM Larry Riley constantly talked about defense. Then the Warriors took a shooter. They haven't moved Monta Ellis, so now on the roster they have Stephen Curry, Monta Ellis, Charlie Bell, Jeremy Lin, Acie Law and Reggie Williams. And they just added Klay Thompson. It was an unnecessary move with bigger players with more defensive presence available. The Warriors have enough talent to not need the best player available. But, again, they opt for the usual. Disappointing.


Tom Ziller


Thompson will add some shooting to a team that finished middle of the pack in three-point efficiency. That's cool! Unfortunately, offense is not really Golden State's problem: the team finished No. 12 in offensive efficiency ... and No. 26 on defense. Thompson is currently a minus defender, and if he's playing next to Stephen Curry in a post-Monta Ellis reality, that's an awful porous backcourt. This wouldn't be such a big deal if the Warriors didn't have a small hole at small forward -- Dorell Wright and Reggie Williams are there -- and if Leonard and Singleton weren't staring them in the face. Leonard dropping was like a gift from the Defense Gods to Mark Jackson and the gang, and Golden State turned up its nose. The San Antonio Spurs will reap the benefits. Jenkins is a nice player -- Black Jimmer, according to some -- that fills in another backcourt slot currently overcrowded with scorers. A $2-million flyer on Tyler is like a $2 million craps role. Good luck.


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