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2011 NBA Finals Game 4: Miami Heat @ Dallas Mavericks


What will these guys say tonight about Mark Jackson as the Warriors head coach?

Mike Breen: So Jeff, any thoughts on your partner being a head coach?
Jeff Van Gundy: There's going to be some ugly basketball coming out of Oakland.
MB: Why's that?
JVG: Every player on the floor will be flailing their arms and falling to the floor trying to flop a foul call.
Mark Jackson: What's wrong with that? You have to sell the call!
JVG: Sell the call?!? They're NBA players, not door-to-door salesmen! I can't wait until we broadcast one of your games. Then every time I see one of your players flop, I'm pointing my finger at you and saying "Mark Jackson, you're better than that!"

Tonight's lineup

Game Time Channel
Miami Heat @ Dallas Mavericks, Game 4 6:00pm PDT ABC


The Mavericks were giving Bosh the midrange shot, gambling that he wouldn't hit them.

But not this last shot, when Bosh hid behind a screen, and a double teamed Wade found LeBron, who found Bosh. Mavericks MUST win tonight, because I can't seem them winning two in Miami.

Gameflows: Game 1 | Game 2 | Game 3

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