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The Hoops Report 2011 NBA Mock Draft: Help Me Make a Draft Board!

UPDATE: Here's how it went down...

  1. CLE - Irving
  2. MIN - Williams
  3. UTA - Knight
  4. CLE - Kanter
  5. TOR - Walker
  6. WAS - Vesely
  7. SAC - Jimmer (surprise #1)
  8. DET - Burks
  9. CHA - Leonard
  10. MIL - Marc. Morris (surprise #2)
  11. And with the 11th pick, GSW picks...

Jonas Valanciunas, Lithuania. Well, I didn't have to disappoint anyone, because I don't think anyone would have guessed he'd drop that far. The obvious pick (BPA and fills a huge need) at that point, even though Biyombo is on the board. Jonas is 19 and may be a bigger version of Joakim Noah when he's done filling out. The only issue is with his contract buyout, but we'll let the FO worry about that one. Oh, and there's this (according to his DX profile):

The most shocking part of Valanciunas' game, in fact, might be his free throw percentage —he's made 43 of his 50 (86%) free throws this season; something he's done throughout his career.

“I spend a lot of time working on this,” Valanciunas explains to us. “After every practice I shoot around 200 free throws.”

Tomorrow at 11:00 AM I will be participating in a Twitter Mock Draft being run by The Hoops Report (@TheHoopsReport).

They have us currently taking Klay Thompson. You know I have my preferences (and you probably know what they are by now), but as every (mock) GM knows, it's good to be informed. So, with that in mind, let's do a poll for the 11th slot, and post your draft board for the Warriors. Remember, a draft board is not the same as a mock draft. It's a ranking of players that, if available at 11, you think the Warriors should take...Maybe I will even listen to you guys!

Note about the poll options: If Leonard, Biyombo, Valanciunas, or Vesely happen to fall to us, I will pick one of those. But I don't expect any of those names to be there. Instead, the poll has the likely options, and the only ones I would consider. I won't be taking Donatas, Faried, or the Jimmer, no matter how much you beg me!!!

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