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Warriors Season Ticket Holders Event: Tweets and links

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Joe Lacob, Peter Guber, Jerry West on the floor. Coach Mark Jackson is taking the pic.


Tonight, the Warriors held an event of food, drinks, and Q&A for the season ticket holders. I gathered up the tweets from Marcus Thompson II, Matt Steinmetz, and the Warriors official twitter account, and put them in chronological order. Enjoy!

Interesting Tweets

MSteinmetzCSN: Warriors introducing Lacob, Guber, West and M.Jackson like a starting lineup. On scoreboard above, descriptions read as follows:
MSteinmetzCSN: Mark Jackson: Born leader; Jerry West: Basketball icon; Peter Guber: Entertainment visionary; Joe Lacob: World-class entrepeneur.
MSteinmetzCSN: Magic Johnson now on big screen talking glowingly about Peter Guber; First was David Stern talking about Lacob.
warriors: Joe Lacob, @PeterGuber, @JacksonMark13 & Jerry West introduced to season ticket holders at Oracle Arena. Each to speak shortly.
warriors: RT @jacksonmark13: BOSS! CLASS! Warriors!
MSteinmetzCSN: Interesting, D. Stern on big screen talking of Lacob & acquistion of Warriors: "It wasn't quite cloak and dagger, but it was to a degree."
gswscribe: At @Warriors STH event ... Joe Lacob, @PeterGuber, @JacksonMark13 and Jerry West being lavished with praise by video tributes
gswscribe: West said he was asked if he still rooted for Lakers. He said "I'm rooting for the @Warriors" ... @timkawakami next to me just shed a tear
gswscribe: David Stern spoke on Lacob, Magic Johnson on @PeterGuber, Pat Riley on Jerry West and Reggie Miller on @JacksonMark13
warriors: "This franchise is very close to being very good." -Jerry West at Warriors season ticket holder event.
gswscribe: 2% RT @keed1 your alive. What percent do you give this season starting on time?
MSteinmetzCSN: Reggie Miller now talking of Mark Jackson on screen. Finishes with ... "I'll be praying for you."
MSteinmetzCSN: Mark Jackson just told the fans he wants them to learn a new chant: "Defense."
gswscribe: @JacksonMark13 has the crowd chanting "D-Fense" ... said that's the new chant of the Warriors
warriors: Shortly after taking the mic at the Warriors STH event, Head Coach Mark Jackson has the entire crowd chanting 'DEFENSE'
gswscribe: Despite all of the turnover, guess who is still here: Bob Fitzgerald. He is now moderating. I can see smoke coming from @timkawakami dome
MSteinmetzCSN: Bob Fitzgerald now moderating, saying Warriors had best home record of any Bay Area home team. Said: "It's because of you (fans)."
MSteinmetzCSN: Joe Lacob has said twice now he's only owned team since November. Yet he said he signed off on D.Lee, J.Lin & firing of Don Nelson.
gswscribe: Lacob said he wants reclamation project of front office done by Nov. 12, the one-year anniversary of his approval as owner
MSteinmetzCSN: Apparently, last year's non-playoff season -- 16 in the past 17 years -- goes onto Chris Cohan's ledger.
gswscribe: Guess its my fault if they don't make playoffs RT @BASportsGuy The biggest challenge? Lacob said: "The media. The media's a challenge" #GSW
MSteinmetzCSN: Jerry West: "This team is really close."
gswscribe: Fitz: "New York point guards are the heartbeat of basketball." ... Somewhere, Kenny Anderson and Stephon Marbury said "Amen"
MSteinmetzCSN: Guber asked about Mascot ... "I think we have some ideas ... a 21st century mascot."
MSteinmetzCSN: He's already met with Disney about a mascot, Guber maintains.
MSteinmetzCSN: Can't just be a furry thing with hair all over them running around the arena.
gswscribe: @PeterGuber just laid out a 3-step plan for picking a 21st century mascot. "It can’t just be a furry thing"
warriors: When asked about plans for a new mascot, Warriors Owner @PeterGuber discusses strategy to create a mascot for the 21st Century.
gswscribe: Jerry West: "I was really worried when I played against Jim Barnett. I was worried about whether I was going to score 35 points or 45."
warriors: RT @JacksonMark13: GREAT FANS!!!
gswscribe: I count 2 shots at the media from Joe Lacob tonight
warriors: "The bottom line is leadership capability, and this man is a born leader" Joe Lacob answering fan question about hiring @JacksonMark13
MSteinmetzCSN: If Guber can find a way to pry Rocky out of Denver, then, yes, I'll believe.
MSteinmetzCSN: Joe Lacob tells season-ticket holders: Offiially announcing No. 17, Chris Mullin's number, will be retired on Jan. 20 vs. Pacers.
warriors: OFFICIAL: At STH event, Joe Lacob just announced Warriors will retire Chris Mullin's #17 jersey on Jan. 20. DETAILS:
gswscribe: Lacob announces Mullin will have his No. 17 jersey retired on Jan. 20 vs. Indiana
gswscribe: Wonder what happens when the schedule is changed because of the late start and Jan. 20 is now a road game at Detroit

Videos courtesy of RayAlmeda

Golden State Warriors 2011-2012 Executive Team Introduction Event

David Stern talking about Joe Lacob now co-owning the Golden State Warriors

The official answer on a new Golden State Warriors mascot


- Matt Steinmetz, Rusty Simmons, and MT2 summarize what they saw tonight.
Matt Steinmetz: For a night at Oracle, it's all good with W's
Rusty Simmons: Warriors brass tell fans of bold plans for future
Marcus Thompson II: Golden State Warriors say they are retiring Chris Mullin's jersey number

- The Warriors will retire Chris Mullin's #17 on Jan 20, 2012. Warriors To Retire Chris Mullin's #17 Jersey

What's next?

Another exciting day of wondering when this lockout will end.