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Game Thread #14: Golden State Warriors @ New Jersey Nets - Could We Actually See a Winning Road Trip?

Golden State Warriors (5-8) vs New Jersey Nets (3-11)

TV: CSN Bay Area (HD) / Radio: KTCT 1050

Tip-Off: 4:30 pm PST

Blog Buddy: NetsDaily

After a horrendously ugly game in Charlotte, somehow the Warriors have put themselves in position to head home with a winning record on this road trip. All it took was David Lee being possessed by the ghost of Wilt Chaimberlain (hmm... I wonder if his post game activities have been equally effected. Is he now on the road to 10,000?). Jump for the good news, and the bad news.

The Good News

  • The 3-11 Nets have yet to win a home game this season. With a crisp ticket to Brooklyn ready to be punched at the end of the season, you have to wonder if the city of Newark, New Jersey has given up on the team that gave up on the city of Newark, New Jersey. That totally made sense, just read it again.
  • David Lee is playing out of his mind right now. Do you think Kris Kardashian and Mehmet Okur are going to slow him down?
  • Coach Jackson was able to rest all his starters for a looooong stretch last night, from early in the third quarter to early in the fourth. We should see the closest thing to fresh legs as you could expect at the end of a road trip like this one.
  • Monta Ellis is due for a big game. Monta has been struggling for 10 or 11 of his last 12 quarters of basketball, and you have to think that he will break out sometime soon.

The Bad News

  • Still No Steph Curry. Charles Jenkins and Nate Robinson have been doing a nice job filling in for our star point guard, but with Deron Williams on the other end of tonight's PG match-up he will be missed.
  • Four games... Five nights... plus travel. Tonight we may see some very weary Warriors
  • As I mentioned above, the Nets have yet to win a home game. This may this may end up being more bad news than good news. As the Warriors learned against the Bobcats, it's never fun to run into a hungry team when you are on the road.

Don't forget to grab your tickets to GSoM Night 11!!!!! Seriously!! The game is this Friday! See you there!! I am using lots of exclamation points!!!!!