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Recap #6: Golden State Warriors 95, San Antonio Spurs 101- 27 straight losses at the River Walk

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Some thoughts after the jump!

Well the Warriors had a very predictable loss tonight. I can't say the loss is all that unexpected or even disappointing when you take a step back. The Warriors simply cannot beat Tim Duncan's Snores in San Antonio. It's one of those facts of hoop life.

Here's what does disappoint me though:

  • Stephen Curry's ankle. You just have to feel for the man.
  • 4th quarter collapse. This was a close game where the Warriors led most of the way, but down the stretch they were unclutch. 4th quarter: Warriors 20, Spurs 31. A Warriors loss was expected, but a 4th quarter collapse was not.
  • Dorell Wright's shooting. So far this season there isn't much right about DWright's FG%. Something is definitely wrong here. Dorell is a good NBA player and his 30% shooting through 6 games is just bizarre. 0 for 2 tonight? Just bizarre. This is a guy who broke the Warriors franchise record for most made 3-pointers last season.
  • David Lee's low FG% is also odd. Lee is a career 54.5% FG scorer, but this season he's shooting about 10% worse.
  • All of the offseason hype about Mark Jackson's winning defensive focus is hollow if the team is going to drop to being a bad team on offense. Think any of Wright and Lee's FG% woes fall on him?
  • Props to Monta Ellis for the big scoring and hustle tonight. A disappointing prediction- sick of the losing Monta publicly demands a trade before the Warriors get a good trade offer for him. Check right around the 2012 NBA trade deadline on that one.
  • Through the first 6 games of the season Mark Jackson has done very little to prove that he's NBA head coaching material.


Given the start of the Mark Jackson-era with the Warriors I think we'll all be relieved come the 2012 NBA Lottery. Tonight's award goes to lucky number...


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I think you all know why...