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Video footage of Stephen Curry's 7 ankle sprains. What do you think?

By now, everyone knows Stephen Curry has had 7 right ankle injuries since the start of last season. But what I don't remember is how they occurred, how many of them involved landing on someone else's foot, and how many were bizarre sprains all by himself.

So I dug through my past links posts and searched the web to find videos of the sprains, and I turned up footage of all the 7 sprains and put them all together after the jump. So click that jump, take a look, and tell me if you see any kind of pattern to these frequent Curry ankle injuries.

1: 10/21/2010 @Lakers (preseason)

Video link: game recap

2: 10/29/2010 vs Clippers

Video link: game recap


3. 12/08/2010 @ Spurs

Video link: game recap

Entire video

4. 04/11/2011 @ Nuggets

Video page: CSN: 4.12: Morning Minute
@1:24 (The video autoplays, so I couldn't embedded it here.)

5. 12/20/2011 @Kings (preseason)

Entire video

6. 12/26/2011 vs Bulls

Video link: Curry's injury
Entire video

7. 01/04/2012 @Spurs

Video link: Curry's injury
Entire video


I count 4 times where the injury definitely occurs by himself. Then there was one time where he landed on someone's foot during a fast break. Also once he MIGHT have tripped over Blake Griffin's foot. And once, he MIGHT he stepped on Raymond Felton's foot.

So what do you think? Is there a real problem here? Is it still the shoes? Is Curry somehow light-footed? Is he pushing too hard on his right foot? Or is it just plain bad luck that it's happened so frequently and Curry won't suffer another sprain for a long time?

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