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RUMOR: Dwight Howard to the Golden State Warriors for Stephen Curry

Is Dwight coming to the Bay?
Is Dwight coming to the Bay?

Fine, fine we've gone over this. Dwight Howard for a one-year rental which causes us to trade our talent is just silly..right?

Well, things are a bit different now. Our best player, Stephen Curry, has suffered the 3rd ankle injury of the season. 7 games into the season...

As the Oakland Tribune reports, Dwight Howard's name has been tossed around (again). Except now, co-owner Joe Lacob is willing to the make the trade without a long-term extension.


Jump for some quick thoughts.

Ok here's the way I look at it -

  • Stephen Curry is by far one of our best players and part of our "young" core.
  • BUT, Dwight Howard is Dwight Howard and if you have the opportunity to get him gotta do it.
  • ESPECIALLY because Curry's ankle won't be getting better for a loooong time.
  • Add in the possibility of not having our lottery pick (knowing our luck)
  • Add in Dwight has said ON RECORD that he wants to play with Monta Ellis
  • Combine that with Coach Jackson's desire to have a team that actually plays defense
  • And trading for Dwight right now for a one-year rental and POTENTIALLY enticing him to stay longer doesn't sound so silly.
What are your thoughts? Should we get Dwight for a 1 year rental?