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David Lee: "We don't have to play Don Nelson 'trickery' basketball"

Matt Moore at interviews David Lee.

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Interesting interview of David Lee over at the CBS Sports Eye on Basketball blog. Some nuggets:

On Isaiah Thomas:

My biggest thing is that he's the one who drafted me. He was the one who gave me a chance to play, both as a general manager as a coach. I got to play big minutes. So I'll always be loyal to him.

On moving on from last season's losing ways:

This year, we have a chance to be one of the better Warriors teams in recent memory. We still have a lot of work to do, but you just hang tight for days like this.

On his numbers:

I wouldn't be surprised this year if my numbers go down a little bit just because there's more balance on our team. I don't think me scoring 22 points a game, 25 points a game, shooting all the shots is necessarily going to translate into us being a playoff team. I welcome the fact that whatever my numbers end up being, that we can get a whole lot more wins on the board.

On playing with Andrew Bogut:

You mentioned it with spacing; that's something we're both going to have to get used to. I think the most exciting part is you have two big men now, who can use both hands, who love to pass the ball and can play at the high post and low post. You see it a little bit with guys like Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol, in a duo that can both pass the ball and are effective at both the high post and the low post. That creates a lot of matchup problems for other teams. It gives us a lot of versatility with what we can run.

On the possibility of being an All-Star (btw, you can go see what Trailblazer fans think of this):

I think all the individual stuff will come. If you look at my numbers around All-Star [time] last year and all the stuff we were doing. LaMarcus Aldridge makes the All-Star team, and I don't. I think if Portland and Golden State's records are reversed, I make the All-Star team. And he's a great player; I'm not talking bad about him at all. But I think all the All-Star appearances, all the respect you want to get, that comes with being on a winning team.

On not playing small-ball:

I think this year, not only with the depth we have, but the size we have, we don't have to play Don Nelson "trickery" basketball, where you have a point guard guarding a center and try and trick people and score a lot of points. We can actually play standard basketball where we can face teams head-on. That's going to be a welcome sight.

On Mark Jackson's expectations:

Coach said in a meeting the other day, "Last year, I had you guys do some things where even if you did them right, there were certain games we were still going to lose. But this year, if we lose, it's because we're not doing things right, because we have the talent and the numbers now, we're going to win games."

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