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GSOM NIGHT 12: Question for Jerry West? + Over 500 GSOMers Coming!

Two quick updates about Friday night's festivity:

1) Taking Questions for Jerry West

Please post your questions for Jerry West in the comments. We will select the best ones.

Here's the format:

SUBJECT: "{your name} from {city}"


{your question here}

Here's an example:

SUBJECT: Adonal from Oakland


Who would you rate as the best shot blocker on the Warriors between 1997-2007?

(I'm expecting far more interesting questions of course!)

Please post your comments by Thursday 11/1 midnight.

2) 500x Unstoppable!

We have now passed the 500 ticket mark. This means that we have run out of GSOM NIGHT 12 t-shirts. This also means that it will be quite loud in the GSOM section!

If you purchase a ticket now you'll still get the Warriors opening night shirt, a pass to the post-game Q&A with Jerry West, and the chance to win the super popular GSOM free throw contest on the Oracle floor.



See you on Friday!