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GSOM NIGHT 12: Golden State Warriors vs Memphis Grizzlies- Warriors home opener Friday November 2nd

The Warriors home opener, an exclusive Q&A with Jerry West, a post-game free throw contest on the court, and a fresh t-shirt. What more could you possibly want?

When I wrote the 2012-2013 Golden State Warriors Season Preview I made a few BOLD predictions, but I left out a very important one.

On Friday November 2nd when the Warriors have their home opener against the Memphis Grizzlies there will be over 1,000 GSOMers rocking this fly t-shirt designed by our man Tony.psd for GSOM NIGHT 12!



A recap of why you'll want to grab your opening night tickets through the GSOM Night package:

  • you'll be sporting the coolest t-shirt design in the building alongside a bunch of other GSOMers
  • you'll get to hear to some great hoop insights from NBA legend Jerry West
  • you can pretend you're Stephen Curry for a few seconds and knock down some shots from the the charity stripe on the Warriors court
  • you can help 100 young Warriors fans go to their first Warriors game on our annual GSOM Kids Day on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Keep the great question ideas for our Q&A with Jerry West coming in the comments section and see you on November 2nd!


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