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Golden State Warriors vs. Utah Jazz: Curry expected to make his preseason debut at Oracle Arena

Tip-off: 7:30 pm PSTWhere: Roaracle (even in the preseason, y'all)TV: None / Radio: KNBR 680Blog Buddy: SLC Dunk

Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

After blowing out the Los Angeles Lakers in their preseason opener in Fresno, the Golden State Warriors return to Oakland tonight for their preseason home opener against the Utah Jazz.

The game isn't televised, but since it's in Oakland you can actually go and see Stephen Curry's preseason opener.

As posted prior to yesterday's game in Fresno, the Warriors were expected to sit Curry for one of these back-to-back games and play him the other. Given that one was a home game and one was away, second-year coach Mark Jackson made a great coaching decision to play him at home where we could actually see him if we wanted.

Three observations

1. Harrison Barnes with a post-game is a Harrison Barnes that I like a lot more than the one settling for jumpers that I saw in summer league. The more balanced he gets on his shots, the more efficient he'll get.

2. I've been intrigued with Kent Bazemore since summer league and seeing him getting some minutes running the point was quite eye-opening. I'd love to see him play next to few of the backcourt rotation guys in more "meaningful" preseason minutes (as in, not after a 35-0 run).

3. FESTIVUS! Is that a one day or two day holiday? Or a whole season thing? Let's hope for the latter.

Three questions

1. Will we get to see some of Curry playing with Jarrett Jack? I know many of you were disappointed with Jack's performance last night, but I'm at least intrigued by the possibility of him playing next to Curry and setting him up for shots.

2. Forget who will start at small forward - no matter what the final decision is, there will be a productive player there. The real question is who will earn the most minutes at center behind Bogut? Can Biedrins ever escape this funk he's trapped in? Has Ezeli just locked that up already? Or are we headed toward a Lee-Landry combination when Bogut is out? Personally, I've been rooting for Ezeli to emerge as the clear choice there since the moment the Warriors drafted him.

3. When will Draymond Green be cleared to play? The more I read about this guy, the more I like him and I look forward to seeing him play in the preseason.

Did I mention the Warriors had a 35-0 run against the Lakers? Yeah. And 6-0 since the beginning of summer league. That's just pointing out facts though - we're not going to jinx anything yet.

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