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SLC Dunk breaks down the play that led to Warriors rookie Harrison Barnes' dunk on Al Jefferson

The Warriors ended up with the's top two plays of the night, including Harrison Barnes' dunk.

Last night's game between the Golden State Warriors and Utah Jazz wasn't televised, but Andy Larsen of SB Nation's Utah Jazz site SLC Dunk was resourceful in taking what glimpse he got of the game and doing what analysis he could.

And with concerns about the defensive ability of Jazz post Al Jefferson, he chose to take a look at Warriors rookie Harrison Barnes' driving dunk early on in the game.

The play is absurdly simple: Harrison Barnes dumps the ball to Lee in the post. Barnes makes a quick cut to the hoop, using Lee as a screen. Lee simply hands it back to Barnes who's easily able to dunk...Barnes doesn't initially go towards his basket, but instead makes a split-second fake to the top before cutting hard behind Lee...Al Jefferson does go and help, but does so too late, once Harrison already has the ball and is just one step away from the rim.

While Larsen's focus is obvious on Utah's defense there, the decisiveness of the rookie in going strong to the basket was promising - ball handling and the related issue of getting to the rim to finish were concerns in both college and summer league play and it looks like he's already making strides in training camp.

For more on the game, visit our storystream.

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