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Golden State Warriors vs Atlanta Hawks Preview: Don Nelson Hall of Fame Night

One of the greatest coaches in NBA history will be in the building!

Welcome Back Nellie!
Welcome Back Nellie!
Hannah Foslien

Warriors (3-4) vs Hawks (3-3)

Tip-Off: 7:30pm

TV: CSN Bay Area HD | Radio: KNBR 680

Blog Buddy: Peachtree Hoops

Not only will the Warriors try to snap their 2 game losing streak tonight, but NBA legend Don Nelson will be in the building for his Hall of Fame night! Here's hoping they raise a Nellie banner to the Roaracle rafters.

Man, do I miss some Nellieball. The Warriors have been tough to watch lately. Last Monday's loss the the Sacramento Kings at Sleep Train Arena (that arena name never ceases to crack me up) was not pretty and the blowout against the head-coach-less LA Lakers was ugly. The Warriors-Nuggets OT "thriller" this past Saturday night put me to sleep- literally. Maybe I'm just getting old or maybe the Warriors are just getting tougher to watch, but I fell asleep on my couch mid-way through the second over time period.

Nellieball never put anyone to sleep. Yes, I'm probably romanticizing, but man Nellieball was just fun to watch. Even when Nellie was dealt a tough hand with a bad NBA roster, there's was still a lot of entertainment. I would kill for that now.

I will admit I've been way more entertained by the reminiscing in the comments of Don Nelson was Right, (most of) You Were Wrong, than the past week of Warriors basketball. I hope that changes tonight.

If you're at the game, make sure to put your hands together at a Nellieball pace for The Don.

If you're watching the game at home, make sure to jump up and down on your couch at a Nellieball pace like it's the cheap seats at the Roaracle for The Don.

If you're listening to the game on the radio, make sure to put your foot to the metal and drive at a Nellieball speed so you can get home and root for Nellie!*

* GSoM is not financially responsible for any speeding tickets you may incur.