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GSoM 'Call for Fan Posts': What's the biggest early season surprise for the Golden State Warriors?

The SB Nation – NBA network will be having its first network-wide theme day next Wednesday, November 21: the biggest surprises of the year. In addition to us providing our thoughts, we'd like to begin the process of better highlighting the community's voice at Golden State of Mind by soliciting fan posts from all of you and promoting the best to the front page.

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I think the GSoM community - staff and non-staff alike - can agree: the SB Nation United re-design has relegated fan posts and fan shots to a less prominent standing, and it's had a negative impact on fan interaction here and at other SB Nation sites.

Now that we've got the hang of adjusting our content-production process for the front page, we'd like to turn our attention to figuring out how to make the community voice that makes GSoM unique more prominent on the site. The first step is figuring out a fair process for featuring more fan posts on the front page and, as it happens, on the same day that coshaben wrote a thoughtful fan post brainstorming ideas for how to improve GSoM we found an opportunity to do so.

SBN-NBA theme day: Biggest surprises

The SB Nation NBA network will hold its first regular season theme day next Wednesday, November 21: biggest surprises of the season thus far. The theme day is structured as follows:

  • Every site in the SBN-NBA network will write a post about what surprises them most about the start to their season as their team approaches, sits at, or passes the 10-game mark.
  • It's up to each individual writer whether they want to focus on a pleasant surprise, an unpleasant surprise, or do both.
  • All of these posts will be gathered and posted at for the entire NBA fanbase to read.

How you can participate: Write a fan post!

Rather than focusing exclusively on the voices of GSoM staff, we would rather hear from you. Here's what we'd like to do:

  • Between now and Monday at 5 p.m. PST, write your own fan posts on this topic.
  • By Tuesday morning, we'll promote the GSoM community's favorite FanPosts to the front page, so join in the discussion and hand out your recs liberally.
  • On Wednesday, those fan posts will be featured on the site along with our post about the biggest surprises to our writers.
  • For the top post, we'll find a prize - possibly tickets to an upcoming game - that we'll work up in the coming days.

Consider this a first GSoM-CfFP (Call for Fan Posts) toward making the community voice more prominent: after doing this we'll have a better idea of how to incorporate community content more regularly and be sure to make fan posts a more prominent feature of the site.

Feel free to ask any clarifying questions or make other suggestions in the comments here, but as for brainstorming what the biggest surprises are...write a fan post!

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