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Golden State Warriors at Oklahoma City Thunder game thread

The Golden State Warriors face the Oklahoma City Thunder on the road at 4 p.m. PST looking for a third consecutive win.


Pre-game reading:

GSoM's Warriors at Thunder preview

Warriors at Thunder Q&A with SBN's Welcome to Loud City

WTLC's Q&A with me

Welcome to Loud City game preview

Predictions (from Tony.psd):

  • Harrison Barnes, averaging 18.5 points & 11 rebounds over the last two games will be put to the test against OKC and come out shining. Looking to see some highlight reel numbers.
  • The Dubs bounce back to have a solid 3-point shooting night (as compared to last game's ugly 3 point stats) this is a must for our team to compete.
  • Rebounding is the key: Dubs gotta turn as many of them as we can into second chance points!
  • The Warriors miraculously win by 3.

GSoM's Call for Fan Posts

Also, remember that we're looking for fan posts for SB Nation - NBA's upcoming theme day of biggest surprises of the early season (click here for more on that). Will today yield a surprise?

You all know what to do in the comments.