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GSoM's choice as biggest surprise: The Warriors' offensive struggles

As promised, we're going to change the way we promote Fan Posts/Shots around GSoM. The first is tafkasam's piece on the Golden State Warriors' offensive struggles, which we're choosing to count as one of the biggest surprises of the season.


While ivanbe took a look at defense as the biggest positive surprise of the Golden State Warriors' 2012-13 season thus far, tafkasam essentially described one of the biggest negative surprises of the season thus far: the Warriors' offensive struggles.

The Warriors have played about 10% of the season so far, and while that's a small sample, it is an appropriate point to start noticing trends. In terms of results, I am fine with a 4-4 record, considering Bogut has missed 4 games. As far as I'm concerned if we can hang around .500 until Bogut gets to full health, we'll be in fine position to make a playoff run.

However, in the meantime, the offense's struggles have given me a cause for concern. There are multiple contributing factors to look at.

In addition to finding his post in the fan post section on the left hand side of the site (or via the left-hand tab at the top of the mobile site) you can find his post as one of the first in our new "GSoM's Best Fan Posts & Fan Shots" section that we're using in an effort to help highlight the best of the community's contributions along with the other content at the top of the site.

Moving forward, here is the process we've decided upon to insert fan posts into that group of posts:

Step 1: Write a fan post: As we all know, the lifeblood of GSoM has been the community interactions, particularly in the fan post and fan shot sections. So go, write a fan post - on this topic of surprises or anything else you want and let's continue to discuss the Warriors coming up in 2012.

Step 2: "Rec" people's fan posts: We as admins/mods are not going to be choosing the top fan posts ourselves - that will be determined by the community recommendations. When a fan post or fan shot is highlighted as "Recommended" in their respective sections by the community, we just literally make three clicks to add it to the GSoM's Best section.

Step 3: Profit Moving fan posts to the front page: With a few more administrative clicks - five, I think - we will move the recommended fan post/shot to the front page. One limitation of the new design is that we can't move fan posts into the top section of the site, but we can move them just below that. Once a post has been rec'd up (and we might also make a few minor edits for grammar, spelling, etc.), we'll move it to the front page to make it more accessible for conversation.

- - -

As we all adjust to the new design, consider this a first step in trying to better highlight the community voice that makes GSoM great. If you have other ideas, feel free to comment here or do what coshaben did: write a fan post.