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Warriors final score: Nuggets club Warriors, 102-91

The Golden State Warriors got knocked out in the second half. Ok, that's an exaggeration - there was only only one knockdown requiring a Dubs player to leave the floor.


Final Box Score

That victim was Klay Thompson, when Andre Iguodala (29 pts, 6 rebs) hit him in the face early in the third quarter. After scoring 16 in the first half, Thompson only took 3 shots and missed all three in the second. This was only 2 less than Stephen Curry, who took a total of 5 shots in the game, all in the second half. Curry finished with 6 points, 3 assists, four fouls, and four turnovers in what must be his worst game as a starter.

Harrison Barnes matched Curry in the bad game department. Scoring 4 points on 1 for 5 shooting and 2 rebound, Barnes looked completely outclassed tonight after picking up two fouls early. Danilo Gallinari scored at will over him, finishing the game with 20 points. Ty Lawson played the part of Point Guard Nemesis, finishing with 18 points, 9 assists, 2 rebounds, and 2 steals.

The Warriors were called for 30 fouls tonight - the Nuggets for 18. The game was lost, though, by a failure to get shots for two of the team's best shooters. It's clear to me that if teams can shut down Steph (or make him take himself out of the game with fouls) the Warriors can't win against good teams - and the Nuggets are a good team.

Carl Landry did his job (19 points and 8 boards); David Lee did his (21 points 3 assists, 3 steals and 10 rebounds); Festus Ezeli did his (10 rebounds and 3 blocks); and Biedrins did his (7 rebounds, an assist, a steal, and a block in 11 minutes). The Dubs out-rebounded Denver 45-39 and did a good job of limiting them on the glass. Jarrett Jack and Draymond Green did their best, but with Barnes and Curry only playing 40 minutes between them, it wasn't enough.

Here's hoping we don't see another one like this anytime soon.


I'm sure the Warriors are wondering a lot of things right now. You're wondering if there was anyone positive on the court. I'm wondering if I can get away with naming Charles Jenkins the Warrior Wonder - and yes, yes I can.

Jenkins was 3-4 from the field in 11:30 tonight, with 2 assists. He was the only player to register a positve in the plus/minus column with a +2. Honorable mention to Andris Biedrins - he had a very nice line, and was neither positive nor negative on points for his minutes.

Incidentally - let's give Jackson some credit with Biedrins. Beans will probably never be the player he was, but he's trying, playing in control, and contributing - things we haven't seen much of in years.

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