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Monday Morning Links: 2-1 week, Andrew Bogut reveals he had microfracture surgery in April

After a week with two quality wins against Brooklyn and Minnesota, the Golden State Warriors move to 8-6. Meanwhile, Andrew Bogut reveals that he had microfracture surgery on this ankle but is still hoping to return in a couple of weeks.

Warriors' fans are sick of looking at Bogut in a suit.
Warriors' fans are sick of looking at Bogut in a suit.

This is how you should start every Monday morning.

I think Barnes jumped after he jumped.

Wonder what went on in Nikola Pekovic's mind when he saw Barnes coming.

Who is this guy? I can block it! I'm really tough! I like two dollar steaks! I can..urghhhh.

I was there at the game and the crowd was rather docile until that Barnes' dunk. The scene exploded like the moment Jacob took off his shirt in Twilight (don't ask me why I watched Twilight). Even the two old dudes in front of me sitting lifeless the entire game managed to crack a smile.

The Andris Biedrins reaction is just the best. Keep an eye on Kent Bazemore leaping around like his warmups are on fire.The whole place absolutely blew up and the Dubs went on to dominate the game in the second half.

Anyways, here are links on the stuff you may have missed this weekend while being forced to hear you cousin at the dinner table talk on and on about his brand new car.

Andrew Bogut's ankle

Warriors center works to return to court - SFGate

Just when you thought everything was good in Warriorsland, this bombshell hits: Andrew Bogut tells Roy Woodson of KNBR that he had microfracture surgery (as documented in the SFGate article) back in April.

Yet I'm not sure if one should be particularly happy or sad about this bit of news. On one hand, it appears Bogut is nearing a return which could mean that the Warriors will get their franchise center back to add to their improved defense and rebounding. On the flip side, microfracture surgery is something that most people take 12 months to come back from.

I'm not a medical expert but it wouldn't surprise me if Bogut wasn't 100% at any point this season. But an 80% Bogut on offense and defense is better than anything we have had. Plus, it's always nice to have him keep the defensive rotations in check (David Lee shakes his head).

Around the league

A nice piece by Zach Lowe about the best ball-hoggers in the NBA or worst, depending on how you watch the game of basketball. Here, we meet an old friend. What would Warrior fans rather have right now: an injured center that didn't provide all the details about his surgery or the same old no-defense, ball-sticking ways of Monta Ellis?

And then he comes up with this gem of a tweet.

Lakers no longer a team to fear - SFGate

Bruce Jenkins also takes a look around the NBA. The current Pacific Division standings have the Dubs in second place sandwiched between two L.A. teams. Not too surprising, right? Except the Los Angeles Lakers are the ones in third place. Even though Mike D'Antoni made his much-hyped return to coaching, the Lakers have still struggled on defense.

Andy Dolich: Building boom for sports arenas by the Bay - Inside Bay Area

Another update on the new arena that the Warriors ownership are trying to build in time for the 2017 season. I guess the unlikeliness of it being built by then it depends on whether you live in San Francisco or Oakland. I, for one, am excited to have the home of the World Series champs and Dubs right next to each other.

Looking back at last week's games

Denver educated Warriors on rebounding - SFGate

A look at the Warriors' only loss this week and why it happened. It's hard for any team to deal with the length and energy of the Denver big men (especially Kenneth Faried and JaVale McGee) but the Dubs problems with them shouldn't be ignored. Hence, the need for Andrew Bogut.

Revisiting Game 14: Warriors Beat Minnesota; 8-6 Start Not Too Bad - Inside the Warriors - with Marcus Thompson

The always-excellent analysis of Marcus Thompson as he recaps the game against the Minnesota Timberwolves and argues that Harrison Barnes needs more touches. I wholeheartedly agree with that notion. Remember in the draft, the Warriors were rumored to like Syracuse guard Dion Waiters because of his ability to slash to the basket and draw contact. This differs from the way that Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson play. And even David Lee, because they all drive to avoid contact. Barnes has the ability to drive, create contact and finish. It'd be nice to see what Mark Jackson can draw up with him.

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