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Warriors schedule: The Pacific Division leaders look to increase their lead this week

The Golden State Warriors have two games this week, which bodes well for the recovery of Andrew Bogut.

Thursday night will be Klay's redemption.
Thursday night will be Klay's redemption.

This year's edition of the Golden State Warriors are 4-2 at home and 4-4 on the road. That's a very surprising start to the season despite playing one of the league's toughest schedules thus far.

Having just started a four-game homestand, the Warriors play their next three games at home before playing eight out of their next nine on the road. Hopefully by then Andrew Bogut will be back to help the team out.

But stop thinking about Bogut. Please?

There are bright spots up and down the roster. Draymond Green has played great defense (shutting down Kevin Love for a few minutes) and surprised offensively as well. Harrison Barnes has been a top-five rookie all season. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are coming out their shooting slumps as well.

Remember when the offense was struggling? 100.1 points per game in the last seven games (5-2).

Let's see if they can keep up the defense and rebounding as well.

Oh then there's this.

With the Lakers still without Steve Nash, a healthy Dwight Howard and a bench and the Clippers with Vinny Del Negro, the Warriors have a chance to gain some ground here.

Here's the schedule for this week. All times Pacific.

Thursday, vs. Nuggets, 7:30 pm., TNT

Warriors. Nuggets. TNT. For the 239835th time this season! Or is just seems like it. We are forced to watch Kenneth Faried run around grabbing offensive rebound after offensive rebound yet again.

Make sure to tune into Inside The NBA. Always fun with Charles Barkley bound to pronounce Festus Ezeli's name wrong. Think he says "fetus"? Just a thought. I'm laying 8-1 on it.

The first time the Dubs played the Nuggets, it was Klay's rock-bottom game of the season. Since then, he has gotten better and better game by game.

I fully expect Klay to hit the game-winning three in Danilo Gallinari's face because he forgot to use the Nugget's last foul to give. Then Bogut stating after the game that he'll be ready by Christmas.

Or one of the two.

Saturday, vs. Pacers, 7:30 pm., CSNBayArea

Well, what do you know? The Warriors face another team with injury problems. With Danny Granger out and no special scorers on the Pacers' roster, the Dubs should have no problems taking care of them.

Paul George is a player to watch here though. Remember the 2010 draft when the Warriors drafted Ekpe Udoh ahead of Greg Monroe then somehow managed to woefully underuse Udoh before trading him?

Yeah, George was the 10th pick in that draft and I don't think fans would have been in an uproar if the Dubs had taken George at that time. But Udoh, people. Over Monroe. Yup.

Anyways, let's see if the Warriors can keep the good vibes on the court going.

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