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Details of Andrew Bogut's microfracture surgery

Marcus Thompson, under intense pressure from jerks like us who incessantly peppered his twitter account, has new details on Andrew Bogut's microfracture surgery.

Bogut, on the other hand, went in to get his left ankle cleaned out of scar tissue and bone fragments. When Dr. Richard Ferkel was inside, he noticed a "minor" cartilage issue and he addressed it with a form of microfracture surgery. The major part of the surgery, the source said, was cleaning out the debris.

Thanks a lot, MTII, for revealing my omniscience. Moving on:

The important thing, another source said, is the microfracture surgery part of the procedure was accounted for when Ferkel gave the Warriors his timetable for Bogut’s return.

Even though Golden State failed to mention the microfracture part — probably because the words "microfracture surgery" comes with a stigma they didn’t want out there — and even though the Warriors initially said Bogut would be out for three months, nothing has changed from what Ferkel said.

He was given the OK to test out his ankle after 6 months (which put him back to practice on Oct. 27). He was to be limited when he came back, hence the minutes limit and the prohibition of back-to-back sets. The rest would be determined by how his ankle responded and how he felt.

Thompson goes on to say that the Warriors, and Bogut, were optimistic that Dr. Ferkel's recovery estimate was overly conservative. And... it wasn't. The more realistic timetables had Bogut being back by December, maybe even January, but Andrew and the team decided he was well enough to test it entering the season.

My own takeaway from this: Yes, it looks like Andrew Bogut and the Warriors jumped the gun. Best case scenario is that decision was rash and unwise. Worse case scenario is that they risked setting back Bogut's recovery well into midseason and beyond.

We don't yet know if that will be the result, though; and according to Thompson's sources, even if he returned in January 2013, that was inside the scope of Ferkel's estimates even before Bogut pushed himself onto the floor. So, time to reset our own expectations, and do our best to exercise patience. In the meantime, if you want to ask the rhetorical question of "why why why wasn't there a strong-willed person on staff that just put his foot down and said NO" ... you go right ahead and do that.