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2012 D-League draft grades: Ridiculous Updside gives the Santa Cruz Warriors an A

While we were making our way to Oracle Arena for GSoM Night, the Santa Cruz Warriors were in the midst of the latter rounds of the D-League draft.

And according to Gino Pilato of Ridiculous Upside, the Warriors did quite well.

13. Santa Cruz Warriors - A

The newbies (well not really) to the scene had a very impressive night in this season's draft. With the 13th overall pick the Warriors landed themselves the talented Travis Leslie. Leslie currently sits as the 8th overall prospect in the D-League and was just waived a few days ago by the Los Angeles Clippers. I felt like Leslie was a definite steal at this spot and then the Warriors backed up that selection with Faisal Aden in the 3rd round, and the 26th overall D-League prospect Durrell Summers in the 4th round. Japeth Aguilar in the 7th round helped round out the Warriors successful evening.

It was a bit of a guard-heavy draft for the Warriors - five of their eight selections were guards - but in any event it's great to see that the organization is going strong at all levels.